Free Date Ideas for the Fun, Yet Economically Challenged

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Married people say they envy singles, but years of happy matrimony have warped their minds. Couples are quick to forget the constant rejection and empty apartments which haunt day-to-day single life. Then there are the dates themselves. It's a struggle to find something equally entertaining and impressive without emptying your bank account for someone who'll never call again anyway.

Date Night — It’s my light at the end of the tunnel!

In honor of National Singles Week, has 53 Free Date Ideas to help you break away from the same-old boring movie theaters and restaurants.  Here are seven of those no-cost options that defy the dating norm:

Free Date Ideas

Seven Free Date Ideas for a Fun and Frugal Time

Art Walk

Most cities have a Friday Night Art Walk or similarly titled event where local art galleries offer free tours, and if you're lucky, complementary provisions.

Outdoor Concert

Before you know it, the season for outdoor fun will be a distant memory. Take advantage of mild temperatures and look for free outdoor concerts in your community.

Game Night

Are you the king of Spades or the queen of Hearts? Challenge your date to a card game or favorite board game for a night of child-like fun and friendly competition. Better yet, double-date and bond over your collective awesomeness at Canasta.


In the vein of tapping into your inner child, surprise your date with a trip to the playground. What may seem like a mundane offer will no doubt turn into a fun-filled evening of carefree fun. See who can get the most height on the swings or do the most pull-ups on the monkey bars.


There's no better way to get to know someone than to work alongside them on a project. See what volunteer activities are available in your community and select one you think your date might enjoy. Perhaps you can join a Habitat for Humanity home build or serve dinner at a local soup kitchen.

Scenic Drive

September is the perfect time of year for a scenic drive. Pick up your date and head to the hills to take in the changing colors. Create a mix of your favorite music for when conversation lulls, and pack a few snacks for an added touch. You can even play "20 Questions" as an icebreaker.

Progressive Dinner

Make your next date a group thing by organizing a progressive dinner with your friends. Assign specific dishes to each friend or couple, and begin the night with appetizers at one friend's house and end it with dessert at another house. It's a cheap way to have a multi-course meal, plus your date will meet all your friends!

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