Healthy Holiday Eating Tips for Both Children and Adults

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Healthy Holiday Eating Tips Over the next six-eight weeks, families will gather around the dinner table for important occasions of the year, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. Everyone will be cooking their special recipes for that perfect turkey and stuffing, or prime rib and Yorkshire pudding.

But the big question is how to enjoy the holidays without over-indulging?

And the question doesn't just apply to adults - it applies to children as well.  Christmas Cookies, Thanksgiving Pies, etc - the desserts are special, endless in sight and everyone loves to sample just a taste.

So, how do you celebrate the holidays without gaining weight?

Here are some tips from Phil and Amy Parham, contestants of NBC's The Biggest Loser, season six, in their newest book, "The Amazing Fitness Adventure For Your Kids" (Harvest House Publishers) they share on healthy eating during the holidays and moving forward...

For Children:

1) Traditionally when we stuff the stockings we think about putting all kinds of candy in them.  This year try and give them small gifts like a homemade coupon book with things like "one dinner alone with Mom" or "one baseball game with Dad."  That way you are being healthy and creating opportunities to make memories.

2) Encourage your kids to get a group together and go caroling in your neighborhood.  This old tradition is fun, and you will get a little exercise walking from house to house.

3) Include your children in the holiday baking and teach them how making small substitutions can lower the fat and calories in their favorite foods.  Using xylitol instead of sugar, skim milk instead of whole milk, wheat or oat flour instead of white flour, and egg whites instead of the whole egg are some examples.


For Adults:

1) When you know you are going to a holiday party don't "save up" your calories and not eat before you go.  Eating small meals throughout the day will prevent you from overindulging on too many goodies at the party.

2) Bringing your own healthy dishes to parties is a good way to insure that you will have something to eat if everything served there is laden with fat and calories.  Hummus and veggies, fruit and yogurt dip, and turkey roll ups are some healthy ideas.

3) If you see something that looks too irresistible try this strategy.  Take small amount and take one bite.  This should keep you from the "I can't have it" mentality that makes you feel deprived.

4) Calculate how many miles you have to do on the treadmill in order to burn enough calories to compensate for your favorite holiday treat.  Do the miles and eat the treat without guilt!

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