Keep Your Finances Alive with These Top Five

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Losing weight used to be the numero uno New Year's resolution, but the ugly economy has shoved this lofty goal down to second place on 2013 lists.  A survey commissioned by Fidelity Investments found 46 percent of respondents said their highest priority was to save more money.

Eating right and exercising are straightforward, however, in comparison to paying off debts and socking away rainy-day cash. Of late, it feels like slipping on a Walmart sidewalk is the only feasible retirement plan; yet the top long-term goal cited in the survey was to make retirement a financial reality.

If solvency and savings are at the top of your resolution list, you'll want to give a gander at these top tips for 2013.

1. Cook It!

It's the same thing every noon: The gang troops out to pick up lunch from the nearest deli or eatery. Then they get home from work and order out for dinner. What a senseless waste of money! With restaurant prices on a five-year increase in excess of 26 percent, cooking at home is truly the way to go.

Spend a little time on Sunday (perhaps before and during the football games) to cook for the rest of the week. It's fairly easy to throw together a pot of spaghetti sauce that will translate into multiple meals throughout the week. Besides, one can only eat so much pizza.

2. Cut the Cable

Every year it's another rate-hike email notification: "Due to increased overhead, we're jacking up your cable/satellite bill another 15 percent." Cut these money-hungry mongrels out of your life by switching over to free, streaming videos, sports, movies and television shows.

3. Use the Public Library

Modern libraries now have DVDs, CDs, video games, e-books and Internet access -- all provided for free. Many allow you to place an online hold for an item you want and receive it within days. Naturally, you can also peruse the stacks, but that's so 10 minutes ago. Check with your library, as well, for discounts on passes to museum, zoos, and other attractions.

4. Go Guttenberg

We're not talking about the actor Steve Guttenberg here: This is a plug for Project Gutenberg, where you can download thousands of free e-books from a single website. You won't find recent titles here as only copyright-expired books are posted, but surely you can find something in their 36,000 book selection to catch your interest. Books are downloadable to your PC, Kindle, Android, iOS or other portable devices.

5.  Use NestWise to Plan Long Term

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step... but do you know where you're journeying to?  Financial planning is one of those things usually not thought about until it's too late and your wish list slips through your fingers due to poor planning.  The better your savings plan and the earlier it's made, the more likely you are to reach your goals.

At NestWise, they believe that when you create a clear understanding of your priorities, you control your money. Not the other way around.  Talk to the experts this year and be sure to plan accordingly so that all your lifelong dreams can be realized.  Right now, you can even enter to win six months of FREE financial advice from NestWise worth $490:

A financial plan developed just for you...Detailed action plan including specific investment recommendations for your 401(k) including six months of personal financial advice from a NestWise Financial Advisor.  For more information, click here.

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Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post from NestWise.
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