Last Minute Tips For Labor Day Trips from Jeff Siegel, Family Travel Expert

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Labor Day Holiday With kids either back in school or getting ready to head back to school, a Labor Day family getaway is the perfect way to take advantage of waning summer weather and create lasting family memories.

Jeff Siegel, family travel expert and author of the newly released book RelationTrips, shares the following tips for creating a Labor Day road trip full of adventure, excitement and fun – whether you’re on a budget or just need a break.

1.       Let kids lead the way.  Get your kids excited by letting them do the planning.  Give them a 75-mile radius to design a weekend adventure.  Let kids research destinations and plan an itinerary that includes activities, attractions and stops along the way.  Families with multiples kids can make it a joint effort or assign each child their own day or portion of a day.

2.       Learn about Labor Day.  The Labor Day holiday is about more than trips to the cabin.  Have kids research the history and origins of Labor Day, as well as how your community celebrates the holiday.  Help them use their new learnings to plan a weekend itinerary full of Labor Day-themed activities and events.

3.       Go low-tech.  Technology and gadgets often distract family member from engaging and connecting with one another.  Find fun ways to get back-to-basics and build family bonds with a technology-free Labor Day adventure.  Instead of a GPS, let maps guide your way.  Put down the camera and draw pictures of your favorite moments.  Have the kids write letters to their grandparents recounting your adventures.  Skip fast food restaurants in favor of packed meals or local markets.

4.       Be spontaneous.  Brainstorm with your kids to pick a destination within 100 miles of your home.  Plan to spend a weekend there, but don’t create a hard-and-fast itinerary.  Make a point to stop and explore any interesting road-side attractions along the way.  Seek recommendations from locals you meet on the journey. Once you arrive at your destination, spend some time touring the town and let inspiration guide your way.  Remember – it’s not about how far you travel or how many miles you log; it’s about making the very most of the time you spend together on the road!

5.       Kick off the new school year.  Families with kids already back in school can take a cue from the first few weeks’ lessons to develop a theme for a fun, yet educational Labor Day holiday.  If school’s still out for the summer, take this opportunity to look ahead at the year’s coming lessons and create an itinerary that helps your kids get a jump on their studies.  If your kids are getting into reading, take a tour of public libraries and local bookstores to discover new books.  For grades where science or social studies is a priority, check out botanical gardens or local historical sites in your area.

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