Millions of Women Are Dealing with the Ongoing Challenges of Heavy Periods...Are YOU?

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Healthy WomenAs women, we often have unique health concerns and issues that most of the time we keep to ourselves.  One of the hallmarks of being a woman involves our menstrual cycle and unfortunately, this monthly cycle can cause numerous problems and inconveniences. wants to help broach this sensitive discussion topic in order to help us all realize the benefit and strategies of talking with a healthcare professional and discovering the appropriate treatment measures, if necessary.  This month, they are focusing on discussing the challenges associated with heavy menstrual bleeding.

Although I myself haven't suffered from heavy menstrual bleeding, I have been plagued by severe menstrual cramps.  So much so that I have wound up in the emergency room on more than one occasion.  For years before Riley was born, I frequented my healthcare professional's office for it was thought that I probably suffered from endometriosis.  Eventually, I had to undergo a DNC in order to find out whether or not I would even be able to conceive.  Fortunately, I learned that I didn't have endometriosis and instead was rapidly developing benign cysts which were bursting at regular intervals, thus causing the severe cramping.  As you can tell from Riley's presence, thankfully my fertility wasn't affected.  :)

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Since is focusing on helping those who suffer with heavy menstrual bleeding this month, I wanted to share some of their wonderful and timely resources about this subject:

Heavy monthly bleeding symptoms impact daily routines. The vast majority (92%) agreed that the condition frustrates them, and more than two-thirds (68%) feel that their periods control them.

Women don’t always know where to turn for help with heavy monthly bleeding symptoms. More than 75% of women don’t know help is available for their heavy periods. Less than half have spoken to their OB/GYN about their symptoms.

Information and persistence may empower women to seek the right help. Of those who were satisfied with their treatment, 38% went to two or more visits with a health care professional before they found an option they liked.

For more information about heavy menstrual bleeding, I highly suggest you read the following articles:


If you have been suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding, you no longer need to do so in silence.  Please speak up and ask your healthcare provider for help.  You may just be surprised at how easy and effective treatment for this issue can be!


I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Ferring Pharmaceuticals and received a promotional item to facilitate my review.


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