Got a Question? Take It to the Internet! Here are 7 Top Questions the Internet is Great at Answering


Top eServicesThe Internet is useful for many reasons, not the least of which is answering questions that range from the mundane to the truly profound. To say that not all websites are useful is a massive understatement, and yet sometimes its hard to navigate between the good, the bad and the ugly.

Though hundreds of wonderful websites are likely overlooked each day, here are seven unique resources that do a great job of answering common questions.

1. What to Cook?

Your kitchen likely contains all the food you need to whip up a meal; You just have to put them together in the right combination. Based on your preferred list of ingredients, helps you create a meal out of items you already have stored in your pantry and fridge.

2. Where to Register?

Registering for wedding gifts is challenging for couples who already share a home. That's why creating a wedding registry at CardAvenue is such a brilliant alternative; It lets modern couples choose gift cards from hundreds of retailers, allowing them to buy what they need when they need it.

3. How to Pack?

With airline baggage fees on the rise, it seems paying for luggage is an unfortunate reality. Thankfully, LuggageFree offers the added convenience of delivering bags to your destination within a designated time period for $2 to $5 per pound. Since you have to pay for packing, you may as well avoid the the nuisance of schlepping heavy baggage through the airport.

4. Where to File Receipts?

Keep both digital and paper receipts in the OneReceipt cloud to organize your spending and keep tax records. All it takes is a few seconds and your receipts are automatically indexed. You just gotta love their motto: "Keep the purchase. Lose the receipt."

5. Where to Recycle?

Having trouble recycling plastics with codes other than one or two? Does your local garbage company refuse to take tin cans? Earth911 helps you find places in your area to recycle anything, including batteries, electronics, hazardous wastes and more.

6. Where to Swap? allows you to search directly for top barter sites without having to type the same query into each site. Boounce has now expanded to include searches across multiple search engines for any keywords.

7. How to Get There?

Gas is expensive enough without also paying the high rates charged by car rental agencies. RelayRides circumvents that problem by providing peer-to-peer car rentals. There are no membership fees, service is available nationwide, and the cost of insurance is included.


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What question do you regularly go to the internet to answer?
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