Top 5 Easy Dos and Don'ts for Parents of Children with Attention Disorders

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Attention Disorder Michele Carelse, Clinical Psychologist for Native Remedies (, the world’s leading online provider of all-natural homeopathic & holistic remedies, has compiled a list of common ‘do’s and don’ts’ for parents of children who suffer from attention disorders.  She says “while no two children or families are exactly alike, most can benefit from these tips.”


  • Make sure your child gets enough sleep. Being well-rested is perhaps the most important, and unfortunately most overlooked, aspect of health when trying to stay focused. If your child is tired, information assessment and storage may be more difficult.
  • Ensure your child eats healthy. Eating the correct balanced proportion of protein (chicken, fish or eggs) and ‘good’ carbohydrates, like potato and wild rice, will provide mental stamina and good nutrition.
  • Encourage daily exercise. It’s important for kids to be active throughout the day. Suggest they go out for a bike ride, take a family walk after dinner, get them involved in community sports- anything to get them up and moving. This can also prevent insomnia!
  • Help your child focus while studying. Try to limit distractions in the household while your child is studying. Re-schedule things like vacuuming, and record the game on television and watch it later. Make sure little ones in the house know not to disturb an older sibling, and try to keep them entertained outside in a quiet game. Students need quality time to absorb information. The brain does not respond well to intermittent interruptions when trying to stay focused.
  • Give your child support. Doing well in exams, while important, should not become the sole ambition in life. A healthy, well-rounded child is far more important, and more likely to flourish in the larger scheme of things!
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