Top 5 Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk ~ Improve Your Fitness and Health By Working Out at Work

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Workout at WorkAmericans are spending too much time sitting at their desks which according to experts, is not good for physical health or mental well-being. However with a few slight adjustments to your routine, those hours behind the desk can serve as double time for your workload and your workout!

  • Sit Tall and Be StrongBackJoy is bringing healthy "back" into the workspace with its Posture+ – it not only strengthens your core muscles, but also improves your posture and helps prevent back pain!
  • Switch Up Your RoutineSmall changes to your daily routine can see you make big strides towards better wellbeing. Ditch the elevator and take the stairs – two at a time if you can, forgo email and walk to talk to your colleagues or try standing up every time you take a call.
  • Clear Your Mind and Breathe – Yoga isn’t just for the studio any longer! Try these quick desk adaptations of popular yoga poses to relieve tension in your lower back and hips, beat stress and calm the mind.
  • For the Gym Junkie – A fan of traditional gym workouts? Do a couple of sets of tricep dips or pushups at your desk, stretch out those hamstrings by extending your feet in front of you or try one-legged squats while waiting for the copier.
  • Jog on the Job – For the ultimate fitness-focused workaholic, try the Treadmill Desk. The perfect combination of work and exercise – who would have thought you could take conference calls while on the run?
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