Top 5 Spring Skin Tips from the Facialist to the Stars ~ Get That Hollywood Glow Now

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Skin Tips Now that spring is here, it's time to make a few changes to our skin care routine - spring cleaning!

It's a perfect time to go and have a proper facial to clean out and remove any and all dead skin and congestion that has built up over the winter months. You may have been over moisturizing to combat dryness or chaffing caused by the winter conditions or having the heat on all the time, or being out in the elements, snow etc.

Whatever your case may be, Facialist to the Stars, Pamela, Owner of Pamela’s Exclusive Skin Spa in Hollywood has provided her  TOP 5 “Spring Skin Awakening Tips” to get you ready to show off not only that hot summer body you’ve been working out, but a flawless complexion as well.

Sunscreen ~ Screen Those Rays with Children’s Products

This is as time to think about using a higher SPF. Most people can get away with 30 SPF in the winter on an everyday basis. As the weather changes and becomes warmer, you want to use a higher SPF. There are many good ones on the market. I like to use sunscreens that are made for babies and are a 70 SPF or higher. I always think the higher the better when you're in the sun.I know there is a lot of controversy about this, but I always say: Why take that chance?

Makeup Takeover-Makeover

This is also a good time to clean out your old makeup, brushes and sponges. Mascara should be thrown out and replaced. I do this four times a year to make sure I am always using clean make-up and product. You don't want to chance the spreading of bacteria. Also, remember when you are traveling through the winter months and holidays, your makeup and product is checked and put on a plane. It goes into a temperature change - which can ultimately change the product. It could be in an environment that is too hot or too cold. This also applies at home. You want to keep your product in an environment of 72 degrees.

Upkeep on Pesky Imperfections

Spring is a good time to have any broken capillaries zapped or any photo facials, peels or laser. It's still cool enough that healing will be easier than in the hot months. I try to have my clients not do any of the above in the hot sweaty months, from June to September. So do it now! Have any hyperpigmentation, molasma, or removal of moles, etc. done now before it gets warmer and too dangerous to have open skin while the sun is hot and beating down on you.

Zap a Zit

What do you do when you have a blemish and you’re not supposed to pick? There are many ways to deal with it. #1 You can take a rough end of a baby wash cloth and go over the head of the blemish and remove it. Clean the face first, then take a Q tip and dab it with alcohol. Hold it on there for a few minutes. Then take another Q tip with hydrogen peroxide and hold it on there for a few minutes also. That will dry it out and kill any bacteria. Also, hydrogen peroxide has a slight bleaching action that will lighten the spot. If you want, you could add another Q tip with a little lemon juice on it and it will help with fading out any mark.

Out of Control Skin ~ Ivory Soap

I have used this tip throughout the years as my go to when I encounter someone who has skin that is just raging, red, swollen and cystic in a really bad way when they walk in the door. It literally hurts to look at them, because you know they are in so much pain. So, years ago, when I was teaching skin to teenagers and adults, I would run into this with my teenagers. So before I can get them on a program and ultimately fixed, I needed to calm down the skin. So I searched all the traditional things that would and should have solved this problem, so at least I could start working on the skin.

By accident, I used a bar of good old fashioned Ivory Soap! Not that new and improved one. I'm talking about the one that floats (remember?). Anyways, I do not want you to use this on a regular basis because it will dry out the skin and soon cause other problems. But when you have a skin situation where your skin is just red and raging or even poison oak or an allergic reaction, you can use the Ivory bar for a few days. Avoid the eyes, and it has the effect of calming down the skin and taking out the redness as well as consistent problematic blemishes.

What beauty tips do you have for staying gorgeous on a dime?


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