WARNING! Fill In the Blankie Should NOT Get Your Business ~ Here's Why...


WarningIt pains me to write this post, since I pride myself on keeping this blog upbeat, positive and drama-free, but I have a responsibility to report to you a recent disappointment that happened concerning a sponsor I've worked with in the past, Fill In the Blankie.

Back in December, I hosted a review/giveaway for this company whereby I received an Ultra Personalized Baby Blanket to review and one lucky reader of mine was going to be awarded the same thing.  The winner was drawn and promptly responded to confirm her win, but Fill In the Blankie CHOSE TO NEVER COMMUNICATE WITH EITHER HER OR I AGAIN, so the winner has not received her blanket.

When the winner informed me that she hadn't received any reply from the sponsor regarding her prize, I immediately sent several emails which also didn't get a reply.  I then sent over 10 emails to every address I could find for Fill In the Blankie, as well as posted on their Facebook page, sent Todd Lilly (President of Fill In the Blankie) a message on his own personal Facebook page, sent them direct messages via Twitter and called their company's phone number 5 times and left numerous phone messages.  Not one person bothered to respond which makes me extremely angry that they would choose to treat people this way.

I recently discovered that unfortunately, this is how they treat most of their customers and not just me and my readers.  I received a message from an angry customer of theirs on Facebook stating that she actually PURCHASED a blanket of theirs back in early February and has yet to receive it.  She's sent numerous emails, phone calls and faxes and hasn't received a response and has since been banned from posting on their Facebook page.  This is abhorrent and these people should be ashamed of themselves for the crooked operation they are running.

There's also proof that these recent events aren't isolated ones, but rather a consistent history of how Fill In the Blankie operates, as shown by their "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau:


It is my job to inform you of all the wonderful family-friendly products I find, but I feel it is also my job to inform you when a company has this level of blatant disregard for their customers.  I have NEVER, in my two-and-a-half years of blogging, had a sponsor not fulfill their obligation to award a giveaway prize, before this occurance with Fill In the Blankie.  I am genuinely sorry that a reader of mine will not be receiving the prize that they rightfully won and I wish there was more that I could do to rectify this situation for her.


Fill In the Blankie, I've got a few choice words I'd like you to "Fill In the Blankie" with!


If this situation bothers you too, then by all means, take the time to make your voice heard and warn others about their horrible practices.  Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, etc.  We can make sure that this never happens to another customer or blog giveaway winner again!


I'm a former 7th grade Science teacher turned stay-at-home mom that lives in Houston, Texas. I am married to my college sweetheart and have a beautiful daughter named Riley, who definitely keeps me on my toes! I am also involved in starting a small business which would both manufacture and sell an invention that I've patented, called Toothpaste 2 Go. I love interacting with my readers and hope to learn as much about you as you learn about me!

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66 Responses to WARNING! Fill In the Blankie Should NOT Get Your Business ~ Here’s Why…

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  2. Rachel East Says:


    Proud of you for writing this. :) Thank you for being transparent, and for putting so much effort into getting the prize for your reader! You inspire me to work harder on all of the giveaway stuff. Be blessed.

    Stuck At Home Mom Says:


    I’ll run this one through Triberr a few times, I hope it helps.

    Shelly Says:


    Wow! I feel your pain! We have had a few sponsors in the past 2 1/2 years we have been review blogging stick a couple of our readers. It is terrible when they do that because some readers can get pretty upset with us (even though it’s not our fault) when sponsor’s stiff on prizes.

    Shameful of that company to be stiffing winners and more importantly, stiffing customers who paid them. Terrible! I won’t do business with them!

      Melissa Says:


      Thanks Shelly! Yeah it definitely is terrible and I hope our readers all know that we most certainly go to bat for them. I don’t know why a company would act like this in the first place…absolutely NOBODY wins this way. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

    Amber Says:


    I’ve seen posts like this a few times about this company. Glad people are speaking up. Thanks for the post!

    courtney b Says:


    WOW this is crazy.. i actually won a giveaway a while ago from fill in the blankie, however i DID receive it. They must have just recently stopped sending out prizes

    Leslie from Leslie Loves Veggies Says:


    Wow so they still haven’t learned their lesson. Geeze. I worked with them in March of 2010

    After months of his shenanigans he FINALLY fulfilled the prize and the only reason I even wrote on the post that he did was because after he fulfilled he continued to hound and pester me to take my post down, in almost a threatening way. I did NOT remove my Facebook post. This company is a sham. I am so sorry you have to go through this. I am going to tweet for you. I would say to tweet, FB and do NOT give up. This guy is a total creep.

      Melissa Says:


      Leslie, I’m simply stunned that he’s pulled this with you as well TWO YEARS AGO! I guess some people just don’t learn. Well, I am doing everything in my power to spread the word about this crummy company so that no one else will get burned either by buying one of their products or by believing they will actually fulfill a giveaway prize.

      Thanks so much for helping to spread the word too and for sharing your experience with Fill In the Blankie. I really appreciate it! Have a great day!

    Leslie from Leslie Loves Veggies Says:


    And you need to post about this on their FB Wall.

    michelle r Says:


    I am going to put a link to this article on my blog, I had never thought to look up companies at the BBB before I work with them but it’s so smart and easy. Great idea!

    Jen-Eighty MPH Mom Says:


    That is ridiculous! It’s bad enough to not send winner’s their prizes, but not sending customers what they paid for? I hope nobody orders from them again (and I hope bloggers won’t work with them). They really don’t know how to do business, do they?

      Melissa Says:


      So true Jen! Kind of makes you wonder why they would ever agree to work with bloggers to begin with? I guess they didn’t plan on being called out if they stiffed a winner, but as Leslie already proved to them two years ago, that WILL happen. Very puzzling…and ridiculous!

    Cheryl Free Says:


    I’m sorry to hear that happened to you and your winner. I’ve lost my share of unredeemed prizes :(

    Leslie from Leslie Loves Veggies Says:


    Thanks for tweeting Speedy!!!! And I will keep tweeting too! Mr. Fill in the Blankies hard luck story 2 years ago was a total farce… He is one gutsy dude.

    Susan McNeill Says:


    I hate to hear about companies that (at first!) seem so wonderful. Thanks for the heads-up on this one!

    Janet W. Says:


    That is absolutely horrible! I hope other bloggers read this and refuse their services (or lack of services!). Thanks for posting this!

    fancygrlnancy (Nancy Partin) Says:


    That is horrible! I have had my share of prizes that I won and never received. It is nice to see you take a stand. With items I have not received I believe the blogger tried to get them, but then they just brushed it away like oh well when it did not work. I appreciate a blogger to call out the company and let us all know about it.

      Melissa Says:


      Thanks Nancy! I’m so sorry that you’ve also been on the short stick of receiving prizes from sponsors and hope that doesn’t happen to you again. I’m glad you stopped by today to give this post a read…have a wonderful weekend!

    Liz Robinson Says:


    Thanks for sharing. This is so unfortunate, I will be sharing this.

    rachel0 Says:


    Thank you for providing this information. I really appreciate that you took the time! And I’m sorry this happened to you & the winner!!

    Eileen Burke Says:


    Thank you for writing this, I’ll be sharing and tweeting this. Terrible.

    Dee M. Says:


    I’ve had this happen to me a few times and it makes me feel horrible to have to inform the winners that they won’t be receiving their prizes. It not only makes the companies look bad but us as bloggers as well since we spent SO much time promoting these awful companies. Right now I’m currently in a back and forth battle with 1-800-flowers over 2 of their Valentine’s Day giveaways that I hosted. The winners haven’t received their prizes and all I’m getting is… “we’ve received their info and they should be receiving their prizes” yet they don’t. This is truly aggravating! I’m glad you shared info about this company so I can avoid them like the plague.

    Dee M. Says:


    I forgot to mention that one of the ‘stiffs’ I had worked with (a small business) had went out of business and failed to tell me and the winner contacted me 5-6 months later to tell me she never received her prize and after several emails to the sponsor, the woman’s husband sent me an email stated they were no longer in business and acted as though it was ok to think that they were no longer obligated to ship a prize to the winner. Wow, how thoughtful!

    Leslie from Leslie Loves Veggies Says:


    https://www.facebook.com/LeslieLovesVeggies/posts/328658193861010 There ya go!

    Amy Says:


    Wow, I’ve seen other bloggers do reviews for fill in the blankie too. I’m glad you posted about this. I shared it.

    amandasue Says:


    Thanks for sharing! I love that you inform us of good and BAD companies!

    Robin Quick Says:


    I love that you stood up for your winner! I have won something before from a FB giveaway and didnt receive what I won. The item was a handmade coupon purse made by the person having the giveaway. For 6 months this person gave me the run around about why she hadnt mailed the item. First it was a storm, then a flood, then on a trip, mailed it & it got lost, then was in a horrible accident & was in ICU. Can you say FRAUD and LIAR? Finally I got fed up with her BS excuses it wasnt worth it. The sad thing is I bet she is still in business just on another FB page. Anyway Im glad you are standing up for your winner. It shows how dedicated & honest you are!

      Melissa Says:


      I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had a similar experience with a sponsor giving you the runaround and then not delivering on a prize. It definitely takes all the fun out of contests and giveaways, doesn’t it? Thanks so much for your super sweet comments about me! You really made my day! Have a wonderful weekend! :big grin:

    Terry (My Journey With Candida) Says:


    That is terrible that they treat anyone like that. I don’t do a lot of giveaways or reviews like you do, I am just a small time blogger, but I would be very upset if this happened to me.

    I see they no longer exist on twitter. Hopefully you scared them off.

      Melissa Says:


      WOW Terry! I guess all of the tweeting, retweeting, posting on FB, etc. worked! I had no idea that they have since closed their Twitter account. They’ve still not contacted me at all regarding the winner’s prize, so I guess they’re just going to tuck tail and run instead of fulfilling their obligations. Either way, I hope that no one else has another bad experience with them. Thanks so much for helping to spread the word and for stopping by today and commenting. Have a fabulous Sunday! :big grin:

    Leslie from Leslie Loves Veggies Says:


    Todd Lilly ‏ @Todd_Lilly (you may find this helpful) . Mr. Lilly is the owner of Fill in the Blankie. Have at it! xoxoxo Thank me later

    Betty Baez Says:


    Wow how horrible, thanks for spreading the word I’ll definitely be steering clear from them

    Alena T Says:


    I’m dealing with the same problem. If I had known this a few months ago I never would have done the review. So frustrating!

      Melissa Says:


      I’m so sorry to hear that, Alena. What’s really been disturbing about doing this post is the amount of people who have come forward saying that Fill In the Blankie has treated them the exact same way! What kind of crooked people do we have here? They are a definite plague to the blogging community as well as to new mommies and I’m stunned that they’ve chosen to behave like this.

      Personally, I’ve gone to every site ranked in the first five pages of Google including Yelp, YouTube, Merchant Circle and numerous blog reviews and left a comment of my experiences pointing back to this post. The only power we have is to keep spreading the word about their awful practices and hope enough people listen so that they can’t do this to anyone else again.

    Melanie Johnson Says:


    The exact same thing happened when I did a giveaway for them. I am banned from their FB for posting once asking them to email me. I emailed all the email addresses I could find numerous times, called the office and did not get one response. I thought of doing a post like this but instead edited my review so if anyone searches, they will see it. Horrible company!

      Melissa Says:


      That IS horrible! What’s really been disturbing about doing this post is the amount of people who have come forward saying that Fill In the Blankie has treated them the exact same way! What kind of crooked people do we have here? They are a definite plague to the blogging community as well as to new mommies and I’m stunned that they’ve chosen to behave like this. All I can say at a time like this is, “what comes around, goes around”. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if a little bad karma was headed their way! :(

      Personally, I’ve gone to every site ranked in the first five pages of Google including Yelp, YouTube, Merchant Circle and numerous blog reviews and left a comment of my experiences pointing back to this post. The only power we have is to keep spreading the word about their awful practices and hope enough people listen so that they can’t do this to anyone else again.

    Jessi Says:


    I am not a customer but a blogger. I have seen many people through the same thing and have a post on my blog about it.

      Melissa Says:


      That’s great Jessi! Thank you so much for helping to spread the word so that no one else accidentally gets taken advantage of. Have a wonderful day!

    Melanie Johnson Says:


    It’s sad because their blankets are beautiful. A bit spendy but if you think of it as a keepsake,it’s wonderful. I am so disappointed that my winner will never get this blanket.

    Lilly'sMommy Says:


    I ordered two blankets the beginning of February. I received one in March, with no shipping notification at all, but it was correct and what I ordered. Now my second blanket has the correct wording, but is not the right color. I have one already for my daughter and I had purchased the second blanket for my niece. Now they will have matching blankets because dispite emailing, calling and posting on facebook I have had no response regarding how they will remedy the situation. Thank you for your posts, so I know I am not the only one. I am filing a complaint with the BBB of Dallas Tx.

      Melissa Says:


      I’m so sorry to hear that yet another person has been done wrong in some way by Fill In the Blankie. Thanks so much for leaving your experience with them here so that others may read about what could be in store for them and thanks too for filing a report with the BBB. This will definitely help ensure others steer clear from this company. :)

    Jessi Says:


    Sorry I was on my iPad. I was the one who messaged you on Facebook, I see your post on their facebook wall is gone. They are still on twitter but under a different name they took the i out of in so it is now @fillntheblankie. My cousin wrote them a post on facebook and it is still there and yet yours was deleted I find them so sketchy it is out of control. I emailed again today asking where my blanket is as I see from comments you have a reader who ordered in March and she got her blanket yet I ordered in Feb and still have no blanket.

      Melissa Says:


      Hi Jessi,

      That is so shameful how this company has been behaving! I figured it was just a matter of time until my post was taken down and I was banned from FB too. I’ve been targeting their new Twitter address with my anti-Fill In the Blankie posts, and the last time I checked they only had 14 followers. That’s horrible that you still haven’t received your blanket and if I were you, I’d be sure to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Another lady that commented here did just that and I will be filing one under the Advertisement section, since they defaulted on our original agreement. Good luck Jessi and I hope that eventually you receive what you should have all along!

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  4. Frustrated Consumer Says:


    Hi, I’m currently in a tough spot because of Fill in the Blankie too! I ordered a shower gift, and it hasn’t come and no one will return my emails or calls about where my blanket is. I filed a claim with the BBB and with PayPal in hopes of getting my money back since it’s apparently very unlikely that I’ll ever receive what I ordered. It’s very frustrating as a hard working consumer to experience someone taking my money and not fufilling the order. Sad.

      Melissa Says:


      Oh, I’m so sorry that Fill In the Blankie has taken yet another person’s money and not sent their blanket out. I’m glad to hear that you filed with the BBB though and I’m sure Paypal will come through for you. I’ve had several dealings with Paypal over the years where I’ve requested my money back and they’ve always refunded it. Thanks so much for leaving your comment here so that others can see how horribly Fill In the Blankie treats their customers. Good luck with getting your money back. :good luck:

    wendy fauscette Says:


    i am so upset with this company to say the least…..they took my money but no blanket…very sad wanted blanket for my newborn….any suggestions….????where to go and order and receive blanket…??? or a co. that does blankets the same please email me info. thanks

      Melissa Says:


      That IS so sad! I’m sorry that yet another person has been done wrong by this despicable company! I would definitely suggest filing a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau and making sure to get your money back through your credit card company. As for another blanket alternative, I’m afraid I don’t know of a company that makes blankets exactly like Fill In the Blankie did. Best of luck to you though! Have a wonderful day! :big grin:

    Justin Says:


    This company is out of business per the BBB, with an F rating and 50+ unresolved complaints.

    Further, as recently as May 29, 2012, the company has run a 50% off gift card purchase promotion in order to fraudulently collect money from customers with no intention of ever fulfilling blanket orders against those gift cards.

    Please dispute any charges you have made with the company with your credit card ASAP and file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General against:

    Sonya Bebeblankee LLC dba Fill In The Blankie


    Jennifer Carr Says:


    This was shocking! I shared the post on my timeline. I would love to offer your reader (the winner) some baby products by Arbonne. I know it’s not the same but I feel so badly for you both. If you are interested, send me an email with then information and I will start processing the order tomorrow. And thank you for sharing this unfortunate incident.

    Jennifer Carr Says:


    I just realized this is old news now. Please feel free to take me up on my offer for a future giveaway. I WILL ship. PROMISE!

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