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Cheeky UmbrellaMost of the time, I'm bummed when the weather turns sour.  When it's raining, my daughter can't play outside, errands take a lot longer to run, thanks to more traffic and dangerous driving conditions, and of course, it's harder to stay dry and comfy.

When the rain begins to pour, I whip out my trusty umbrella and head outside, giving no thought as to the quality of the umbrella I've been using.  If the wind would blow too hard, my umbrella would always fold up on me, giving me a drenching.  Once I was inside again, my umbrella seemed to take forever to dry and subsequently soaked everything it touched in the meantime.

Thankfully, I finally discovered the best umbrella to use in bad new Cheeky Umbrella!  Keep reading to learn more!

I reviewed the Polka Dots Classic Long Umbrella from Cheeky Umbrella, which retails for $42.00.

Cheeky Umbrella Classic Long

Discover the Best Umbrellas at Cheeky Umbrella

When it's nasty outside, the effect seems to quickly ooze over and affect your disposition too.  On days where it's rainy and gray, I'm glad that my Cheeky Umbrella is there to help lift my spirits.  The inside of most styles of umbrellas from Cheeky Umbrellas are bright and colorful, which can go a long way to warding off the feelings of gloom.

Cheeky Umbrella Polka Dots Classic LongI reviewed the Classic Long Umbrella in a polka dots pattern.  As you can see from the picture shown above, a Cheeky Umbrella comes complete with a myriad of amazing features, including a one-year warranty.  Here's more detail as to what you can expect from a Cheeky Umbrella:

  • Outside: Black fabric with a wave of polka dots on two panels
  • Inside: Custom multi-colored polka dots fabric on all panels
  • Lightweight aluminum shaft
  • Fiberglass ribs that are strong yet flexible for wind-resistance
  • Stain & mildew-resistant, durable, quick-drying nylon fabric with Teflon
  • Slip-resistant, rubber-coated hook handle
  • Easy automatic opening
  • 23" ribs, 46" arc; diameter is approximately 40" when open; length is approximately 35" from end-to-end when closed
Cheeky Umbrella Polka Dots Classic Long Cheeky Umbrella Polka Dots Classic Long

I've owned a lot of umbrellas in my day, but can honestly report that this is the best umbrella I've ever owned.  I love the subdued pattern on the umbrella's outside with the sunny, bright display on the inside.  It's extremely lightweight and easy to carry and the fiberglass ribs help ensure that I will no longer be blown backward and drenched throughout when the winds begin to blow.

I also appreciate the comfortable rubber-coated handle that stays put when you hook it on a chair or against a table.  I've even noticed a dramatic difference in the drying time between the Cheeky Umbrella and the umbrellas I've used in the past.

If you'd like to give the gift of brighter days this holiday season, then be sure to pick up one of the best umbrellas around...a Cheeky Umbrella!

4.5 Star Product Review
Disclosure: I received the Polka Dots Classic Long Umbrella from Cheeky Umbrella in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.


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