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OtterBoxThese last few weeks have been thrilling for me because I finally received an iPad as an early Christmas present!  Being a bonafide tech junkie, I've longed to experience the real deal when it comes to tablets.  Of course, my 4-year-old is dying to play a few games on it as well, but there's NO WAY I'm entrusting her with an expensive gadget like this...or is there?

Yes, thanks to the super strong protection offered by the OtterBox Defender Case, I can rest easy and truly enjoy all that my new iPad has to offer...and even share it with my daughter!  Keep reading to learn more about one of the best electronics cases on the market!

I reviewed the iPad Defender Series Case in Alpenglow from OtterBox which retails for $89.99, but is currently on sale for $68.00 with FREE SHIPPING.

Drops, Shocks and Scratches are No Match for an OtterBox Defender Case

OtterBox Defender SeriesBeing a mom that's always on-the-go, I take my iPad with me everywhere.  It's a great way to catch up on the latest news, check my emails, snap some pics on the fly and track my social networking sites.  I also love a good game of Angry Birds every now and then to pass the time.  Unfortunately, all of this travel spells danger for my new iPad.  The screen could easily get scratched while in my purse, or my daughter or I might inadvertently drop it on the hard floor.

The Defender Series of protective cases from OtterBox was designed with active lifestyles in mind.  These durable cases use multi-layer technology to safeguard your electronics from the following:

OtterBox Defender Series

The super tough inner shell of the OtterBox Defender Case is made from a thick polycarbonate with a foam interior which successfully protects your device in the event of drops.  I've had several of these happen to me already and was thrilled when not only my iPad came out unscathed, but the case itself didn't even show a scratch.

Couple the polycarbonate shell with the flexible silicone outer-layer and you have a protective force to be reckoned with.  This silicone layer successfully plugs up any and all points of entry, shielding your device from dust.  It also provides a great grip, so that hopefully, you'll be less likely to drop your device.

OtterBox Defender Case

There's only two things that might be considered downsides to the OtterBox Defender Case and that is that your iPad or iPhone will no longer be dockable and that the case isn't waterproof.  In my opinion, a waterproof iPad case is a little overkill, but I think it's a benefit to have in a cell phone case.  Also, now that there are so many adapter cords out there, it would be fairly easy to solve the docking situation.

If you own an electronic gadget of any kind, be sure to protect your investment with an OtterBox case.  Electronic devices, including tablets and smartphones, are quite powerful, yet still very fragile.  With an OtterBox case, you can rest assured that they have technology covered...literally!



5 Star Review
Disclosure: I received the iPad Defender Series Case in Alpenglow from OtterBox in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.


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