Top 4 Techniques on How to Fix Curling Area Rugs on Laminate Flooring

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Curling area rugs on laminate flooring is a common problem. But you can fix this problem with these techniques: reverse rolling, ironing and steaming, placing heavy objects, and utilizing rug tapes.

An area rug is one of the basic necessities in interior design. It has become one of the few versatile home decorations. Just by laying it on the floor, it can instantly improve and beautify any room, whether it is the living room, bedroom, hallway, or dining area. The only problem about it is it keeps on curling especially when they are placed in areas where people usually stay or walk around. And it sure does not look good in that way inside the house. But this problem is nothing to be worried about because they can be fixed when you do the following:

Reverse rolling

Most area rugs have latex at their backs to hold up its foundation or the back weaving. Latex is a pliable material so there is a tendency that when your rugs curl up, they will stay in the same way unless you do something about it. One very easy way to fix it up is by doing the reverse rolling technique. Just roll half of the rug’s length on the opposite direction of its curl and leave it for a few minutes. It gets rid of the curl after you unroll it.

Ironing and Steaming

Applying heat or steam is another way to fix curled up rugs. They work effectively as they do with any fabric. All you need is a flat iron or steamer. Uncurl the curled part of the rug and press a damp cloth to soften the fabric. Set the iron and steamer in normal temperature and press it on the rug until it straightens out.

Placing heavy objects

Another way to fix this problem is by placing heavy objects over the curled part of the rug. This could be the sofa, table, or any other furniture. Their weight will help flatten the rug out, though you have to disarrange some of your furniture at home for a while. But if you want to fix it without distorting the arrangement of your furniture, you can also stack some of your books on the rug. Use those that are large and heavy like encyclopedias, almanacs or dictionaries. If you really want to flatten the whole rug, try putting it under your mattress. Just make sure that you put it in the right position before flattening it out. You can leave it for several days or until you think that it’s already fixed.

Utilizing rug tapes

Rug tapes keep and hold your rugs in place even in high traffic areas. The good thing is they don’t cause any harm to your floor.



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