Top 5 Wonderful 50th Birthday Ideas for Your Husband

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Show the man of your life how much he is loved during his 50th birthday. You can give him a surprise birthday party, have a romantic dinner, hire a limousine, go on a vacation with him, and set him up for the extreme.

You can let your husband know how very special he is and how much you appreciate him, not only for being a loving husband or partner but also a great friend and confidant by celebrating his 50th birthday with a big bang. In a man’s life, reaching 50 is already a huge milestone. Celebrating his 50th birthday will truly mean a lot to him because that only means that even at that age there are special people like you who remember and love him. Below are awesome 50th birthday ideas that your husband will love and fondly remember for the rest of his life.

Give him a surprise birthday party

Even if you have given him a surprise birthday party a dozen times before in your marriage life, it doesn’t mean it won’t be special to throw another one for his 50th birthday. Surprise birthday parties are still an old-fashioned way to make celebrants smile on their birthdays, and they will never go out of style as long as they are done uniquely every time. You can either add a 1960’s theme to your husband’s party this time or use a theme of his favorite sport. The party will become even more special when it is attended by families and close friends.

Have a romantic dinner

A good alternative to a huge party with less cost and effort but doesn’t diminish the true essence of the celebration is to have a romantic dinner with your partner. This could also be an intimate way for you and your husband to bond. You could even include your kids. Book a private table in his favorite restaurant and ask the chef to cook his favorite food on that day. You can also add some champagne to liven the occasion.

Hire a limousine

Your husband has always been the official chauffeur for the whole family, sending and picking the kids from school, picking you up after work, or driving everyone on a camping trip. He’s always the one with the busy schedule and faces everybody in traffic. For a day, relieve him from this usual day-to-day activity by hiring a limo just for him. He will be given a chance to relax and get to have the back seat for a change.

Go on a vacation with him

Give your husband a few days to relax and go on a trip with him to a foreign country or somewhere he will enjoy. A little snag from your savings won’t hurt as long as you know he will totally enjoy his special day.

Set him up for the extreme

If your husband’s into action and adventure, set him up for an experience that will totally thrill him like letting him drive a racing car or go bungee jumping or sky diving. Just be sure that he is not restricted and can do all these strenuous activities.

Your hubby will be pleased with all the effort you’ve put into his birthday. He will certainly have a blast.



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