Top 6 Life Plan Pointers for Busy People

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Whether you are busy or not, making and following a life plan is an essential tool in order to live a better life. Here are six pointers recommended to be followed by everyone, especially by those busy people: focus on your priorities; envision your desired life; enumerate trade-offs; multi-task activities; try cutting corners; and, apply some strategies for stress management.

Busy people without a clear and definite life plan are likely to get burned out sooner or later.  It is really exhausting to basically manage different schedules, activities, and appointments every single day. But, there is still a remedy to this. You have the capacity to live a full life. All it takes is for you to have a life plan. Your life plan is primarily intended to give you the ability of getting organized. Below are some life plan pointers to help you out:

Focus on your priorities

Your core values, which are the most essential parts of your life, should be your priorities. So, focus on them at all times. Core values might include your life partner, your kids, your health, and even your work. Try going over your daily schedule and check on every activity you listed. Identify which ones do not conform with any of your core values or priorities. Take them out of your list right away because they are just wasting your time and energy. Retain only those that can positively contribute to your core values.

Envision your desired life

Be able to visualize the kind of life you would want to have. The law of attraction is a powerful tool that can be used effectively in fulfilling your life’s dreams and goals. Picture yourself embracing your desired life as if its already happening. Figure out your activities that do not impart anything beneficial to that vision of yours. While you eliminate useless activities, also add those that may very well help you in accomplishing that dreamed life. However, it is important to be able to dream and imagine a realistic set of events that you want to happen in your life.

Enumerate trade-offs

Every time you say ‘yes’ to a new activity, make sure you know which other activities you should be able to say ‘no’ to as an exchange. You can’t simply keep on saying ‘yes’ to any addition to your schedule. You must also learn to either say ‘no’ to current activities by eliminating them on the list, or perhaps say ‘no’ to upcoming activities. Trimming down unnecessary things in your schedule to replace them with better and useful ones can make your life even better. Going for a walking exercise with your family rather than watching a television show on the couch is definitely a very good trade-off.

Multi-task activities

Combining activities can be of great help too. You can possibly clean your place while talking to someone over the phone. Multi-tasking enables you to accomplish several things at one time. This can definitely save you a lot of  time.

Try cutting corners

Taking a short cut, so to speak, could be a good synonym for cutting corners. Take for instance, when preparing meals, you can use ready-to-cook ingredients such as vegetables that have already been cut into smaller sizes. This will save you time in having to peel and cut vegetables for cooking.

Apply some strategies for stress management

When you are too busy and have become so exhausted with all of life’s schedule of activities, then, it’s time for you to incorporate the use of stress management along with creating a new life plan. You have to relieve yourself from all the burdens of catching up with life’s demands. Stress management helps you in eliminating stress-causing activities. If you can’t totally eliminate these stressors, at least, you can manage them properly so they can’t negatively affect you in any way.

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