Custom Foam Cushions for Your Home

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Foam FactoryCustom foam cushions can do more than serve one piece of furniture in the home. A homeowner who uses their foam cushions the right way can make every part of their home a comfortable place to rest, relax and rejoice in peace.

On Furniture

Most furniture pieces require a quality cushion that makes the furniture worth sitting on. Old furniture pieces can have their old cushions replaced with brand new cushions easily. Some furniture pieces need to have their cushions recovered, and there are some that need to add cushioning.

A classic bench or stool in the home may not be truly complete until it has been covered with a brand new cushion. Also, the cushion can bring color and flair to a piece of wooden furniture that would not have it otherwise.


Custom foam cushions work great in nooks and crannies in the house where people like to sit from time to time. People who want to make their fireplace into a seating area can place these cushions on the front of the fireplace for large gatherings. These same cushions can be used in bay windows or windowsills where people prefer to sit. Plus, these cushions can be kept inside and added to outdoor benches when the weather turns warm.

The Style

Every customer gets to choose the style that they want from the custom cushion maker. The customer can choose from a range of colors, and they can select a number of different patterns that will make their brand new cushions unique.

The cushions are cut to exacting specifications, and the foam that is used is chosen by the buyer. Some people need a very thin cushion, but there are others that need a very thick cushion. The customer gets to choose what they need in a cushion, and their needs are reflected in the finished product.

Every home needs cushions, and the homeowners do not have to settle for boring cushions they find at the store. Every custom cushion can cover a part of the house where people want to rest, relax and enjoy living in such a beautifully appointed home.


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