Review - Your Children Will Discover Magical Lands Made of Things You Can Eat in A World of Food By Carl Warner

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A World of Food by Carl WarnerWhat if the world were made of food?  What if there were ice cream castles, pumpkin cottages, broccoli forests, and even pasta palm trees?  In "A World of Food", acclaimed photographer Carl Warner invites you to explore colorful miniature landscapes made entirely of edible ingredients.

Each enchanting scene focuses on a different color: A yellow pasta hot-air balloon floats above Swiss cheese pyramids; a green cucumber bridge stretches over a lettuce-lined stream; a brown chocolate train races out of a cocoa tunnel.  Keep reading to learn more!

I reviewed the book, "A World of Food" by Carl Warner, which retails for $17.95 but is currently on sale for $12.21 with FREE SHIPPING.

A World of Food by Carl Warner

London photographer Carl Warner is known for his miniature landscapes made entirely from edible ingredients.  In his latest book, "A World of Food", Warner presents 12 of his amazing pictures, each one showing young readers what the world might look like if there were only a single color.  "Yellow" is a desert made of pasta palm trees, cereal sand and Swiss cheese pyramids, while "Orange" features pumpkin cottages, carrot trees and apricot leaves.

Playful verse accompanies each image, guiding viewers through the pictures and inviting them to figure out the various foods used (which are all identified at the back of the book).  So wander through the pages of the deliciously imaginative worlds in "A World of Food" by Carl Warner, and try to figure out all the different foods that make up each scene.  Just remember that if you get hungry along the way, don't eat the book!

A World of Food by Carl Warner



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