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Ellery Homestyles Sound Asleep Comfort PillowWhen I go to sleep, I love to listen to music and drift off peacefully to the sounds of nature, or New Age groups, such as Enya.  Back before I was married, I had collected an entire catalog of music especially designed for sleeping.  Unfortunately though, my husband hates listening to any kind of music while he tries to go to sleep and prefers the white noise generated by our portable fan.  I had always believed that my music-listening-to days were over, until now.

Ellery Homestyles has created the Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow, which is a pillow containing a small stereo speaker inside.  It's now possible to hook up any portable music playing device and listen comfortably and privately to your own selection of music.  Would I be able to go back to listening to the sleep music I so enjoyed?  Keep reading to find out!

I reviewed the Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow (Standard Size) from Ellery Homestyles, which retails for $49.99, but is currently on sale for $29.78 with FREE SHIPPING.

The Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow is a standard size pillow which looks and feels just like any other bed pillow...until you notice the 3.5 mm headphone plug coming out of the pillow itself.  This headphone plug is designed to plug directly into any audio source, including mp3 players, iPods, radios and even televisions!

Ellery Homestyles Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow

Because the Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow plugs into your own audio device, it simply acts as a unique pair of headphones, meaning that you don't have to worry about this pillow using up a lot of batteries.  It feeds off of the power from your audio device and requires absolutely no batteries.

I couldn't wait to try out this pillow and so immediately found my iPod Touch and plugged it in.  I like my music at night to be very soft and soothing, so I found that when I had my iPod turned up about halfway, the volume level was perfect.  The pillow was extremely comfortable to lay on too and I immediately began enjoying my snoozing experience.

Once I put a pillowcase on the Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow, I found that my iPod tucked neatly within the pillowcase so that I could even move the pillow about easily without worrying that I would get tangled up in the headphone cord or drop or damage my iPod in any way.

Another terrific feature of this pillow is that it will not blare your music, even when your mp3 player is turned up all the way.  Now, just in case I accidentally hit the wrong buttons on my iPod while I'm sleeping, I don't have to worry about waking up scared to death or having my eardrums blown out!  :)

Ellery Homestyles Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow

I've just found the bed pillow that I will never leave home without!  The Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow is my new travel essential and now I no longer have to try and fall asleep with uncomfortable headphones or earbuds on.  I can drift off to sleep while listening to my own personal music selections, in complete comfort and without disturbing anyone around me.  If you love to listen to music while you sleep, then the Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow is a nighttime must!

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Disclosure:  I received the Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow from Ellery Homestyles in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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