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Trading Phrases

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I am so excited to have the chance to give Riley's room a "big girl makeover".  Soon she will ditch the crib and begin sleeping in her new twin-sized bed.  Of course, all of the old nursery-themed stuff will need to be slightly updated so that she has a brand new toddler room.  This is really simple to do and fairly inexpensive too.  All that I'm doing is changing some of the artwork she had on her walls to that of a "ladybug garden" theme.

I've recently discovered vinyl wall decals and have fallen in love with how easy they are to apply as well as how inexpensive they are.  Trading Phrases has a ton of cute and whimsical quotes perfect for a child's room. When I came across the "Today is Your Day" Dr. Seuss saying, I just couldn't resist and thought it would look perfect in Riley's room!  Thankfully, Trading Phrases allowed me to review this wall decal.  Keep reading to find out more!

I reviewed the Today is Your Day wall decal from Trading Phrases, which retails for $34.00, but has subsequently been discontinued.

Trading Phrases Wall Decals

Here's the "Today is Your Day" Wall Decal with Trading Phrases Rubbing Tool Included

Trading Phrases Wall Decals

Riley's Wall BEFORE Applying the Wall Decal


I loved how I was able to customize this large wall decal in the color of my choosing.  I chose the color, Violet 40, since I thought it would really pop against Riley's lime green walls and purple is sort of an accent color in her room already.  I also loved how large of a decal this was.  The "Today is Your Day" vinyl decal measured 22" x 22.5", which in my opinion, was HUGE!

I had other plans for this design though and really appreciated how easy it was to manipulate the wall decal to display it any way you wished.  I wanted this quote to serve more as an upper border in Riley's room, so I chose to center it on the wall where her clock is located.   The Dr. Seuss "Today is Your Day" quote is such an inspirational and feel-good message that I want Riley to read and be reminded of every day.

Trading Phrases Wall Decals

I Cut Apart The Phrase Into Strips And Centered It On Her Wall

Trading Phrases Wall Decals

I Used Masking Tape to Help Me Align the Wall Decal Just Right


The first thing I did to install this wall art, was to calculate the exact center of the wall it was to be displayed on.  Next, I cut the "Today is Your Day" quote into five strips and centered the third strip in the middle of the wall.  In order to apply a wall decal, you simply remove the backing paper carefully and lightly affix the decal to your wall with masking tape.

Although the transfer paper is slightly tacky, I've found that a lot of times the transfer paper won't adhere to your wall very well and your design will fall off.  Masking tape provides a stronger hold, yet won't damage your walls in any way.

After I had removed the backing paper and affixed all five strips of the quote to Riley's wall, it was time to make adjustments to the positioning of the strips.  This is always the hardest part of installing any vinyl wall decals and I wish that these decals would have had a straight reference line on the transfer paper so that the quote could have been aligned much easier.  Since the transfer paper is thrown away, I don't know why more companies don't print guide lines on it.

Finally, I had the five strips positioned to my satisfaction and it was time to remove the transfer paper.  With a little trial and error, you will find a method which works best for you.  I discovered that if I pulled off the transfer paper by folding it back on itself as much as possible, the wall decal stayed in place on the wall and not on my paper.

As you can see from the pictures below, the lettering was very crisp and clean and I thought the results looked great!  Now, Riley will have a permanent uplifting message on her wall to start her day...and get on her way!

Trading Phrases Wall Decals

Slowly, I Peeled Away the Transfer Paper and Was Thrilled With the Detail of the Lettering

Trading Phrases Wall Decals

TA-DA! Riley's Inspirational Quote is Up! I LOVE How It Turned Out!


If you want a beautiful inspirational quote or other graphic on your walls, then I highly recommend Trading Phrases.  They have a unique and varied selection for every room in your house.  These wall decals are also very detailed and easy to both apply and remove.  Jazz up your walls for the holidays and every day of the year with Trading Phrases!

Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the "Today is Your Day" Wall Decal from Trading Phrases in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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