Halloween Paper Crafts ~ Black Cat Candy Holder Tutorial


Celebrate with Hershey'sHalloween is one of my favorite holidays because I'm a gal who actually LOVES being scared!  I enjoy all of the costumes, candy and eeriness that surround this holiday and look forward to sharing these things with my daughter this year.

We both love to do crafts and of course, we love delicious chocolaty treats too!  This year, I've found a way to combine those two loves into one neat Halloween paper crafts project.  Keep reading for a full tutorial on how to make a Black Cat Candy Holder using paper plates and Hershey's candy!

Halloween Paper Crafts

Create Halloween Paper Crafts with Hershey's

Hershey's Halloween CandyMaking Halloween crafts with the kiddos is a wonderful opportunity to bond with your children and make lifelong memories.  Bringing delicious candies from Hershey's into the mix while you're crafting away makes those memories even sweeter!  If you're looking for a fun, easy and inexpensive way to decorate your home for the Halloween season, then check out my tutorial for creating a Black Cat Candy Holder.

The great thing about Halloween paper crafts, is that usually you have 90% of what's needed for them around your home already.  The only supply I had to purchase for this craft was the black paper plates.  If you happen to have black tempera paint, you could easily use white paper plates and paint them black for this project.



This craft can be made more difficult for older children by letting them do all of the steps required completely by themselves, or scaffolded for younger children, based on their ability.  For instance, my 3-year old needed me to draw and cut out the shapes, but I allowed her to glue the pieces on and push the stapler and hole puncher down once I lined the plates up.  She found great joy in this and as our creation started to resemble a black cat more and more, you could see her excitement grow!

Just remember that the whole purpose of Halloween paper crafts is to make everyone feel more festive and have FUN!  Don't worry about the mess or if the craft doesn't come out just right.  You'll be making sweet memories with your children that they'll look back on fondly for the rest of their lives.   



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32 Responses to Halloween Paper Crafts ~ Black Cat Candy Holder Tutorial

    Theresa J Says:


    I always take my kids out trick or tweating

    Jenny Says:


    Trick or treating and pumpkin carving. We also like to buy and hand out candy together. Halloween is definitely a favorite holiday at our house :)

    Cherise Says:


    We trick and treat as a family!

    Jennifer Hayes Says:


    Special things made together, but what we really love is making costumes!
    It’s always fun to work together, and it takes all of us to get them just right!

    Davis Says:


    We go trick or treating and “paint” our pumpkins…the kids are too young yet to carve so we have them paint them….

    amandasue Says:


    We have a tradition of carving pumpkins and baking the seeds and then we eat candy!

    Richard Morris Says:


    i love taking them to my old school’s trick o treat

    Jessica Carnaggio Says:


    I take them trick or treating.

    Dena S. Says:


    What’s your sweetest way to celebrate Halloween with the kiddos? Homemsade goodies and costumes.

    Michelle H. Says:


    My daughter and I break out the Halloween cookie cutters and decorate the cookies the weekend before Halloween.

    April Brenay Says:


    The Great Pumpkin comes and takes all the candy they can’t eat, and leaves a special surprise :)

    Kerrie Mayans Says:


    By sharing halloween candy with each other.

    [email protected]

    debra b Says:


    by having their favorite candy in the house and then decorating for Halloween, which is our favorite holiday (next to christmas)

    Thanks for offering this Delicious giveaway

    Janet W. Says:


    All dressed up in their costumes and going trick or treating as a family.

    susan Says:


    We love making caramel apples!

    Mendy Dinsmore Says:


    Dressing up with them and go out together.

    Misty Smith Says:


    We dreSs up in our costumes and hand out candy.

    Margaret Smith Says:


    Going out with them trick or treating.

    Penny Snyder Says:


    Buying lots of treats fro the neighborhood kids!! [email protected]

    Ann Fantom Says:


    We carve pumpkins and then roast the pumpkin seeds

    Stephanie Says:


    we go trick or treating

    Michelle White Says:


    We started Trick or Treating in our neighborhood last year and my kids loved it.
    Michelle W.

    Emily N Says:


    We have a Halloween party every year.

    Kathleen Says:


    trick or treating

    kport207 at gmail dot com

    Janice Says:


    trick or treating and enjoying the spoils together

    Kristie Says:


    We like to bake and do crafts and carve a pumpkin :-)

    lexigurl Alexandra O Says:


    We go to our church harvest festival

    TawndaM Says:


    making Halloween treats… half the fun is searching for what they want this year… ;-)

    Debra Hall Says:


    Mine are all grown so i just give out candy

    Elsie Says:


    We choose candy together and make up special clever treat bags for classroom Halloween parties!

    Tiffany Hearn Says:


    We go to Grandma’s and go trick or treating with our whole family. We all have such a great time!

    Cynthia C Says:


    I always made cut out cookies and let them help with the decorating.

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