Review - Kidzmet Connects Teachers, Tutors and Coaches with the Students They Were Meant to Teach

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This post brought to you by Kidzmet. All opinions are 100% mine.

Recently, I watched the Academy Award winning movie, The Social Network, which depicted the story of how Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, a social application which revolutionized how human beings interact with each other.  I was blown away by this young man's talent for computer programming and after the movie was over, I yearned to learn more about the world's youngest billionaire.

During my internet searches, I learned that Mark's father actually taught him BASIC early on and when he discovered his son's talent for computers, he then hired a software developer to tutor him privately.  At this point, the tutor described Mark as a "prodigy" and admittedly struggled to keep up with him.

What would have happened if Mark's father would have never encouraged Mark's computer skills with a talented professional?  Would Mark Zuckerberg still have developed Facebook, which has literally changed the world?  My guess is, probably not.

Kidzmet is a company whose goal is to help you and your child not only discover their own budding talents, but to connect them with wonderful teachers, tutors and coaches who will fully develop those talents.  Not sure exactly what those talents are yet?  Kidzmet can help you find out through their Pairing Portrait, an in-depth test which will reveal your child's personality type, innate strengths and talents and even learning style, so that a perfect teacher, tutor or coach can be found for them.

The highly-qualified MentorMatches in your area will then be automatically listed according to your child's Pairing Portrait.  Now you can have a directory of individuals that will work well with your child and help develop their flourishing gifts.  Also, once your chlid completes their Pairing Portrait, you will receive an email if a new Kidzmet MentorMatch arrives in your area, so that you don't have to constantly scour their website for new teachers.

Of course, your child might not be as enthusiastic about their class as you anticipated, and because any level of tutoring or extracurricular activity can get expensive, Kidzmet offers complimentary trial classes to new students so that there is no risk involved.  If your child attends the first class and decides that this isn't something they want to pursue, they can try something else without draining your bank account.

Completing the Pairing Portrait is completely free and in order to offer an even greater incentive to do so, Kidzmet will be giving away one $400 Summer Enrichment Scholarship away to a child that's completed the Pairing Portrait by April 24th, 2011.  They are also giving away 50 Kidzmet activities totes too.

Fill out the Pairing Portrait from Kidzmet today!  Who knows?  Maybe your child is the next Mark Zuckerberg just waiting to happen!

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