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As you may or may not know, I have a pretty interesting last name...CLEAVER!  Although the younger generations may not know of this TV show any longer, I'm sure most of you remember good ol' June Cleaver from "Leave It to Beaver", the quintessential housewife of the 50's.  Once I got married, I became Mrs. Cleaver and I've had a ton of people ask me whether or not I get a bunch of jokes about it.  The answer?  YES!  Do I mind?

Not really...I think it's pretty funny too and I've always been one who doesn't mind a little humor at my own expense.  My husband and I have talked several times about dressing up for parties and/or Halloween as "The Cleavers".  His costume (a suit and tie) is fairly easy, but mine is not.  Try as I may, I just couldn't seem to find an authentic 1950's housewife dress...until now!  Costume Discounters came to my rescue and helped me to realize my true potential as Mrs. Cleaver!

I was sent the 1950s Housewife Costume from Costume Discounters, which costs $34.97.

It was a nice surprise when I opened the package and took out this costume, for the material was actually thicker and more durable than I expected.  The housewife costume was made from 100% polyester, but I was expecting the material to be much more flimsy and thin than it was.  When you're only paying $35 for a costume, I didn't think the quality would be very good, but Costume Discounters definitely surprised me here.

I really liked the white satin and lace detail around the collar and sleeves.  The crinoline, also included with this costume, even had a red border around the bottom, so that when you moved or sat down, you would see the red portion which matched the dress.

When I slipped this costume on, I found that it fit me fairly well.  It was a little big on me, but not enough to really notice.  This costume only came in a standard size which claimed to fit a bust of 34-38 inches and a waist of 26-32 inches.  Now, I am at the upper end of both of those ranges and I thought the costume was still a little big on me.  I'm afraid that a smaller woman might look dwarfed in this dress.

Costume Discounters

The complete 50's housewife costume

Costume Discounters

The crinoline with the red border that matched the dress


The only thing I didn't particularly care for about this costume was the collar of the dress.  In the picture on the front of the packaging, the little tie that hangs down from the collar looks as if it is attached much higher, so that the collar and tie seem to be one piece.  On my dress, the tie is sewn too low, so that there is a gap or space between the collar and the tie.

I think I will either try and remove the tie and sew it up higher myself, or wear a brooch of some kind in the space that is there.  Other than that, this is a wonderful costume at an absolutely TERRIFIC price!

I guess my favorite part of this costume has to be its versatility!  I plan on wearing the 50's housewife costume for three completely different occasions:

  • As June Cleaver ~ I'm ready anytime my husband and I want to attend a party or other function as "The Cleavers"
  • As Minnie Mouse ~ The red, polka-dotted dress is perfect for dressing up as Minnie at my daughter's 2nd birthday party
  • As Sandy from Grease ~ I'm so excited that Grease is going to be re-released in the movie theaters soon.  My husband and I plan on seeing this again and this time dressing up as Danny and Sandy
Costume Discounters

Collar detail on the 50's housewife costume

Costume Discounters

Belt detail on the 50's housewife costume


I've bought a lot of costumes in my time, but I was honestly very surprised at the selection and the PRICE at Costume Discounters.  I couldn't believe the quality of the costume I received for only $35.00.  Costume Discounters also guarantees their prices to be the lowest anywhere!  If you find a lower price ON THE EXACT SAME COSTUME, they will match the lower price AND give you a 20% discount!

They carry a wide range of costumes, such as women's costumes, infant and toddler costumes, pet costumes and even sexy costumes!  They also have all of the different accessories you'll need like makeup, wigs, gloves, etc.  With prices this low, this is definitely going to be my first stop when looking for a costume for Halloween!

Product Review Rating 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the 50's Housewife Adult Costume from Costume Discounters in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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