Review - Funrise Toys Gazillion Streamin' Bubbles and Bump-N-Go Bubble Bug

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Funrise ToysI've learned that there is one thing children find more magical than almost anything else...bubbles!  Riley is absolutely fascinated by bubbles and could spend all day long chasing after them and squealing with delight.  Unfortunately for her, the actual act of blowing bubbles is just something she's not yet capable of, being only two and a half years old.

Fortunately, Funrise Toys has several creative solutions for bubble fun with their Gazillion Bubbles line of toys.  Keep reading to learn more about the two toys Riley and I had the chance to review.

I reviewed the Gazillion Streamin' Bubbles and the Gazillion Bump-N-Go Bubble Bug from Funrise Toys, which retails for $19.99 with FREE SHIPPING.

Funrise Toys Gazillion Bubbles

Gazillion Bubbles is a special award-winning bubble solution that provides the maximum level of bubble fun and entertainment.  Bubbles blown with this solution are very colorful and float higher and longer than ordinary bubbles.  It's also non-toxic and won't stain clothing or furniture, so that it can be used both indoors and out.

All of the Gazillion Bubbles toys from Funrise Toys state that they must use the Gazillion Bubbles solution in order to function properly.  While there is no doubt that this bubble solution is top-of-the-line, it is also fairly expensive as compared to other brands.

First, Riley and I had the chance to review the Gazillion Bubbles Streamin' Bubbles toy.  I loved how easy this bubble gun was to use.  First, install two "AA" batteries into the Streamin' Bubbles gun and then simply screw the bubble solution bottle into the front.  Next, pump the trigger a few times and then hold the trigger down to create a huge amount of colorful bubbles very quickly.

Riley loved this toy, for finally she could create as many bubbles as she wished without having to rely on her father or me to do it for her.  She ran around the backyard for quite a while blowing bubbles with the Streamin' Bubbles gun, until her bottle of solution basically ran out.

Funrise Toys Gazillion Bubbles

Next, we had the opportunity to try out the Gazillion Bubbles Bump-N-Go Bubble Bug.  This toy required 3 "AA" batteries as well as plenty of Gazillion Bubble solution.  All that was needed was to pour in the bubble solution, press the large yellow button on the rear of the toy and then watch as the bubbles began to fly.  What was neat about the Bump-N-Go Bubble Bug was that it would automatically scoot around on a large, flat surface, emitting bubbles from under its wings the entire time.

Your child would then chase after it as it wound and snaked its way around on the floor.  Riley chased after this toy for a little while, but then seemed to lose interest.  I think that because there is less personal interaction with this toy than with the Streamin' Bubbles gun, Riley didn't stay focused as easily.  She did have a lot of fun with the Bump-N-Go Bubble Bug, just not for as long a time as with the bubble gun.

If you have a small child who would love to create a whole slew of bubbles with little to no effort on their part, then you should check out the myriad of Gazillion Bubbles toys from Funrise Toys.  All that's required for a lot of bubble action is a few batteries and plenty of Gazillion Bubble solution.  Unfortunately, both of these items can be costly if your child really likes these toys, but they will definitely give you plenty of giggles and grins to make up for it!



Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the Gazillion Bump-N-Go Bubble Bug and Gazillion Streamin' Bubbles from Funrise Toys in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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