Review - Hapari Swimwear: Swimsuits That Make You Look FABULOUS

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Hapari SwimwearI am so excited to have found the perfect place for a swimsuit this year!  This summer will probably be the most challenging for me, since my body is FAR LESS than perfect.  As you may have read about in some of my previous posts, I'm currently on a mission to lose at least 15 pounds thanks in part to my recent diagnosis with Hashimoto's disease.

Now, believe me, I would rather not frequent the pool right now, but the weather has been gorgeous and a 4-year-old just doesn't understand that we can't go to the pool because mommy has nothing flattering to wear!  :)  Thank goodness I've discovered Hapari Swimwear!  Ladies, if you're less than happy with your physical appearance right now and are wanting to cry when the word "swimsuit" is even mentioned, then please read on!

Hapari Tankinis

I was thrilled to find that Hapari Swimwear believes in MODEST style.  That really resonates with me.  I don't know how many times I've seen people wearing clothes that are way too revealing!  I think that class and style should go hand in hand and that doesn't leave much room for your boobies and butt cheeks hanging out!  Though I love being a mommy that looks GOOD, I don't want to be the mommy that looks TRASHY!

I am trying to be a positive role model for my daughter, and so I believe that I need to dress the part.  This is where Hapari comes in!  Their tankinis are so colorful and figure-flattering, yet modest and stylish at the same time.  Their swimsuit bottoms are also super cute, yet offer full coverage and even a high waist to help tuck that tummy!  Who couldn't appreciate that?

Hapari Bottoms

If you are dreading this summer because you'll have to endure the horror that is swimsuit shopping, don't worry!  Hapari Swimwear has you covered...literally!  They offer figure-flattering, stylish and modest swimwear guaranteed to have you out in the pool, having FUN, instead of worrying about what you look like!  Check out their site and see for yourself!

5 Star Review

Disclosure:  I received a gift certificate from Hapari Swimwear in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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