Review - SitterScout Allows You to Schedule Your Babysitter in Seconds

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SitterScoutAs a parent, we've all had those days...  the ones where you can actually feel the gray hairs forming on your head and you're sure that new wrinkles are about to appear around your mouth from frowning and/or having that "stressed out" look!

Raising kids requires a great deal of patience and sanity, which children are constantly challenging us to lose!  During these trying times, it's essential to take a break for yourself and recharge and refuel as a parent and as a person.

When parenting's more frustrating times have you at their mercy, it's time to call in the reinforcements STAT!  You'd be surprised at how much a relaxing evening out with your husband or friends can help soothe your soul and put you back in the game again.  That's why SitterScout is an essential service to help schedule your babysitters for a much-needed night off.  Keep reading to learn more!

SitterScout Example

Sent from you to all possible babysitters

SitterScout Example

Sent from an accepting babysitter to you


Sure, you have babysitters. But by the time you text one, wait for a response, then call another, lose a day waiting for the call back, email someone else…you know the drill.  So you stay home instead.  Being all-parent, all-the-time leaves you feeling like a one-dimensional human being -- not to mention run-down and stressed out!  That's not the best frame of mind to be in when it comes to parenting.

SitterScout is a FREE online/mobile tool that works from any smartphone (or on your computer) to help book your existing babysitters faster, by instantly contacting the sitters you choose - and enabling them to respond - via SMS.  SitterScout can be used to schedule any of your babysitters, no matter where you've found them - whether it's a family member, the girl down the street, or someone you found through an online sitter service.

You enter your sitters' information (which is only visible to you), then choose which sitters to contact when you need some time away.  SitterScout will then contact those chosen via SMS, and they can reply back with a simple text message to accept or decline.  When a sitter accepts, the parent gets a text message letting them know immediately.  Parents can choose to invite their sitters in "rounds", so their favorites get first dibs, or they can contact everyone at once.

I love the concept of SitterScout and it is definitely super simple to use!  With SitterScout, finding a babysitter for a fun night out no longer has to be a chore.  Get the time away that you need to live another day as Super Mom with SitterScout!

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Disclosure:  I received a promotional item from SitterScout in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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