Six Easy Steps to Making Your Diaper Cake the Most Unforgettable Baby Shower Gift

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Diaper CakeA diaper cake is not really a cake that you eat, merely a diaper arrangement that looks like a cake.  To make a fun and easy diaper cake for a baby shower, you need only to do the following:

  • Gather up the materials
  • Roll the diapers
  • Make the base layer
  • Make the second layer of the cake
  • Complete the topmost layer
  • Add some accessories

Gather up the materials

Before anything else, you have to prepare all the materials needed so you can get things running smoothly when making a diaper cake for a baby shower.  The materials you are going to need will depend on the number of tiers you are planning to make.  If, for example, you choose to make a three-layer cake, you will need the following materials:

  • 60 diapers (more or less)
  • 60 pieces thin rubber bands
  • 10 pieces thick rubber bands
  • Thick ribbons for every layer (color depends on the baby shower's theme or gender of baby)
  • Thinner ribbons for outer diapers of every layer
  • Cake platter or paper plate
  • (1) 8oz. baby bottle (or baby lotion, baby shampoo, baby wash)
  • (1) 4oz. baby bottle (or baby shirt, body suit)
  • Cake decorations such as pacifiers, rattles, wash cloths, combs, bibs, small stuffed toys, etc.
  • Stickers and other baby accessories

Roll the diapers

The first thing you need to do is take around twenty diapers for the inner part of the base and second layer.  Roll each of them neatly and tightly starting from the open portion up to the back.  Place a thin rubber band after rolling each diaper to keep them in place.

Make the base layer

The base layer will consist of three rings of diapers, considering you are making a three-level cake diaper.  To complete this, you need to start with the inner ring.  Get your cake platter, which serves as your base, and lay it on the table.  Put the 8 oz. baby bottle in the middle of the platter.  Take around 5-7 rolled diapers and arrange it vertically around the bottle.  Get a thick rubber band and place it around the group of diapers to form the inner ring.

Take around 11-12 rolled diapers. Arrange them around the first ring of diapers to form the second group.  Place another thick rubber band around the second ring to keep them in place.

To complete the base layer, get around 18-20 unrolled diapers.  Roll each of them tightly as you previously did with the other diapers.  Instead of placing a thin rubber band for each of the diapers, tie a thin ribbon instead.  If you want, you can place a rubber band for each diaper and cover it with a ribbon to make it tighter and make it look more pleasant.

Remember, this will form the outer ring for your base layer.  Next, place a thick rubber band around the final ring and cover the band with thick ribbon.  Now you’re done with your base layer.

Make the second layer

The next thing you need to do is make the second layer.  This will be very similar as to making your first layer, except that you will only be making two rings on top of the first layer.  The inner ring will comprise of 5-7 folded diapers around the 8 oz baby bottle’s upper portion.

The second or outer ring will be done just like your base layer’s outer or third ring, only with 11-12 diapers.  The same procedure applies as to rubber bands and ribbons.  Always put in mind that no rubber band should be visible in your diaper cake.  Properly place the ribbons around the diapers and the rings to hide the rubber bands.

Complete the topmost layer

By now, all your folded diapers would have been consumed by your inner rings for your first and second cake layers.  For your final layer, take the 4 oz baby bottle and place it on top of your bigger bottle.  Roll 5-7 diapers neatly and tightly as you did with your outer rings.  Arrange them around your small baby bottle and place a rubber band and ribbon to keep them intact.

Add some accessories

Now that you have finished the structure of your diaper cake, it is time to bring out the best of your creativity.  Put out the cake decors you have prepared and accessorize your cake.  You can put them in between folds or place them in net bags and glue those small bags on the big ribbons of your cake.  You can put theme-related stickers on the ribbons, too.

If you are using a baby shirt or a body suit on your topmost layer instead of a small feeding bottle, you can top your cake with a bow that matches your theme or a pretty small stuffed toy.  If you are using a small bottle with its head coming out, you can also tie a sweet ribbon around it.  To finish off, you can wrap your diaper cake using a very soft, sheer net or any similar fabric that will give a heavenly effect on your diaper cake.

Your gift will come out not only the most unique, but very practical, too.  Giving out cool baby gifts need not be very expensive or fancy.  Just try and think of what might be useful for the baby and what could be presented with fun as well.  All you really need is some creativity and a little of your time and you’re on your way to the most unforgettable baby shower gift.

Essential Diaper Cake Materials:


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