The Best Wordpress Plugin to Fight Google Panda

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Google Panda

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If you're a blog owner, then there's no doubt that you've heard of Google Panda by now.  I've read countless articles on the subject so far and have a general understanding of why Google has instituted the Panda algorithms and how you can comply with them.  The rewards for being "Panda compliant" are huge because Google will then shower you with high ranking search results, thus bringing you a healthy share of traffic.

Because traffic is what we all are after in this game, since it's quite unfulfilling to blog to crickets, it's best to follow the new Google Panda protocols as closely as possible.  The following WordPress plugin will help you do just that.

One Major Tip to Being Google Panda Compliant:

Eliminate low-quality content on your blog

There are many different ideas as to what makes content "low-quality", but basically, Google Panda considers it to be anything that doesn't add value to a search engine.  For mom bloggers like myself, this includes all giveaway hops, holiday well-wishes posts, Wordless Wednesdays and any other posts with similar or duplicate content, like group giveaway posts.

Be very careful that you no-index any and all posts of this nature because Google will not only label these posts low-quality, they will also label your entire blog as low-quality, which I'm sure is not the case.  You'll begin to suffer big time with organic Google search traffic, which for me, accounts for up to half of my overall traffic.

Google Panda Algorithm

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Also, make sure to rid your blog of guests posts that you know were published on more than one site.  Google can easily sniff these posts out and will consider them to be duplicate content.  Unfortunately, sifting through all of the content on your blog in search of offending posts like the ones I mentioned above can take some time, but I've discovered one amazing WordPress plugin that can take some of the guesswork out of no-indexing low-quality content on your blog...Post Admin Word Count.

Believe it or not, many of these low-quality posts have one thing in common...low word count.  In a Wordless Wednesday post, the idea is to keep your writing to a minimum.  Group giveaway posts, linkys and holiday well-wishes all get right to the point and don't use a lot of words either.  So if you were able to sort all of your posts by the number of words they contain, you could quickly and easily no-index a great deal of what the Google Panda algorithm would call low-quality.

Be sure to give the Post Admin Word Count WordPress Plugin a try and see if you can't improve your blog in the eyes of the almighty Google.  Also, if you found this plugin or this post particularly helpful, please give it a share and let's all get some crazy organic search traffic in the New Year!  :thumbs up:


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