Camping Gear Essentials ~ Introduce Your Child to the Great Outdoors and GO CAMPING

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Camping Gear EssentialsNow that summer is almost here and your kids are dying to get outside and play, why not take them on a camping excursion?  Hiking, fishing, roasting marshmallows and sleeping under the stars were all things I loved to do as a child and actually still like to do!

I can't wait until my daughter is a little older and we can "get back to nature" ourselves!  If you are planning a big camping trip this year, don't forget the essentials you'll need to ensure a great outdoor experience:


It would be a huge mistake to forget one of the most important things used when camping, the tent.  Make sure it is weatherproof and heavy-duty and can withstand any weather condition.  You never know when that late-night rain storm could pop up and you want to make sure that you and your family are protected.  Of course, there are always the "things that go bump in the woods" to need a little shelter from too!

Sleeping bags

Another important thing to bring is the sleeping bag, which comes in various thicknesses and sizes.  This will give you both warmth and protection against creeping creatures while sleeping.

Sleeping pads and air mattresses

Although this really isn't considered "roughing it", I always like to have a pad of some sort under me when I sleep.  An air mattress will ensure that no one wakes up on the wrong side of the tent in the morning and that everyone has the energy to fish another day!


As a camper, it is important to bring several sources of light, such as flashlights, lanterns and matches.  This way, you don't have to rely strictly on the light of your campfire or the moon and could even take a night hike for some extra excitement.

First aid kit

A survival kit should always be part of your camping adventures. Freak accidents happen anytime and anywhere without warning. Make sure you are equipped with first aid essentials such as Band-Aids, sterile gauze, tincture of iodine, alcohol and the like.

Tools and sewing kit

As a former Girl Scout, there's one thing I know for sure and that is to "Be Prepared"!  It's nice to try and be prepared for anything.  Bring tools, such as a screwdriver, for repair in case your lamp breaks or a sewing kit in case your tent is torn.

Portable stove and cooking utensils

Canister stoves are pretty easy to operate since you don’t need to pump fuel to keep it burning. Try and find one that is of good quality, lightweight, durable and with guaranteed performance regardless of the weather.

Personal hygiene and grooming

Everything pertaining to hygiene such as soap, shampoo, deodorant, toilet paper, toothbrush and toothpaste should be packed ahead.  Not to mention the basic skin care essentials such as cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen and bug repellent.  Do not forget any vital piece because this might spoil the rest of your camping experience.

Food and drinks

Keep foods simple and easy to pack using Ziploc bags.  Finger foods are perfect for this type of outing since there could be a limited water supply. Avoid food that entails a lot of preparation because this will just consume most of your time. Drink plenty of fluids, especially when under the heat of the sun to prevent dehydration.


Cellular phones, batteries, cameras, a map and a compass are just some of the miscellaneous things that should not be forgotten.  These items could help you in case of a severe emergency.  Also, remember to bring along some fun outdoor toys or activities to keep you occupied.  This would be a great time for fishing, swimming, throwing the football around, playing cards or a cool board game.

When planning for a camping trip, be sure to pack everything that you need for the challenge. However, remember to bring only what you don't mind carrying, since you will have to lug all of your belongings down to the camp site.  Plan ahead and make a checklist to ensure everything has been packed.

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