How to Organize Clothes Drawers for Time Saving Efficiency

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Organize Chest of Drawers

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You’ve just put together your new piece of bedroom furniture.  It looks clean and streamlined.  You’ve got that sense of pride that only comes when you select a chest of drawers, buy it, and assemble it knowing it’s the right choice.

Now, do you just dump all your jumpers in?  Or do you want the contents to look as good as the chest itself?

What with busy working days, hectic after-school schedules, and the need to relax on weekends, keeping your drawers organized sounds like an extra chore.  But what do you do when you really need to find that special belt or your favorite t-shirt?

Here are four tips to help you avoid panic and tedious searches for items you know are in your clothes drawers – somewhere.


Shoe Boxes to the Rescue

You’ll make a surprising amount of space for small items by dividing drawers up with shoe-box lids and bases. Or just use any clean containers you don’t need elsewhere. Socks, bathroom essentials – even jewelry – can fit into these little compartments for easier viewing.

The Roll Method for Clothes

Clever travelers use the roll method to fit more clothes in their cases without creasing. You can use this system instead of stacking to store t-shirts and fine jumpers in your chest of drawers. This way you can see what’s in there without having to shuffle through everything.

Don’t Mix and Match

It is tempting to shove underwear, socks, shorts, and t-shirts into the same drawer. However, if you keep clothing groups separate, then you’ll find what you need more quickly. And make more use of the clothes you have, rather than buying extra bits you do not actually need.

Sort Through Drawers Regularly

The old saying goes ‘If you haven’t worn it in 6 months, you won’t ever wear it.’ So weed out the contents you never use every two months. You’ll stay organized and avoid overstuffed drawers with this simple effort.

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