How to Wrap Your Christmas Presents: Part I

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Colossal Christmas Countdown Holiday EventHow to Wrap Everything:  Part I!

Clever ways to create the prettiest packaging for gifts of any size and shape.

  1. Pleasing Paper Bag: Slipping an item into a paper bag is one of the most basic ways to wrap anything.  Start with a colorful lunch sack, and dress it up with a band of patterned paper.  (Trim the papers with the pinking blade on a rotary cutter, and attach with double-sided tape.)  Then run the top through a sewing machine set on a decorative or zigzag stitch.  Use the technique on gift tags, too.

  2. Typewritten Tags: Instead of writing new tags every year, keep a file of names on your computer (download a free template at  Type personalized inscriptions, print onto card stock and cut out.
  3. Winning Wine Bottle: Forgo the predictable wine bag in favor of this easy alternative.  Fold two layers of 9-by-12-inch tissue paper in half lengthwise.  Tape folded edge to one edge of a 12-inch square of scrapbook paper.  Wrap bottle and tape.  Cinch tissue at neck with a ribbon and add a tag.
  4. Stick-On Design: Use blank stickers from an office-supply store to create polka dots or to spell out a name with rubber stamps.  For the paper, stick to solid-color wrapping, which is versatile and economical (it's often sold in thick rolls).  You can also spruce it up with bands of decorative paper.
  5. The Sweetest Cards: A gift card feels like more of a gift when wrapped in paper or placed in a miniature envelope and packaged with a treat.  You can make a slew of the bundles in a single sitting.  Create them using glassine bags (or cellophane), bulk candy, labels and ribbon.


{This post is an excerpt from "How to Wrap Everything" as published in Martha Stewart Living magazine}
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