The 12-Step Guide to Using a Theme to Decorate a Child’s Room


In using themes to decorate a child’s room, follow these steps to get the best results: search for inspiration from your child’s belongings, seek input from an older child, buy reinforcement for your selected theme, select a background color, purchase coordinating items, highlight the focal area of the room, let your imagination go wild, choose appropriate bedding, save an area for your child’s artwork, save room for storage, apply decorative hardware, and repeat and reuse.

What better way to create a room for a child than through a theme that suits his personality and likes. It might be a challenging task to do this since parents have different preferences in terms of decorating a room. But since this room will be for your child, it would be great to let him stay and sleep in a room that attracts him and his playmates. You might even want to add a few interesting pieces of furniture like a P’Kolino Klick Desk. Follow the given steps below for a fun and easy project.

Search for inspiration in your child’s belongings

The best place to look for inspiration is your child’s stuff. By stuff, I mean his favorite books, magazines, and the games he plays. You can also ask your child directly just to be sure that you choose the right theme.
Seek input from an older child

A good guide in this project of yours is to ask an older child for suggestions, especially when the owner of the room is too little to offer them himself. Older children usually know what’s in and what’s out. Knowing his ideas, favorite colors, and characters can surely make your task way easier.

Buy reinforcement for your selected theme

This reinforcement should coordinate with your chosen theme or else the room will just end up looking messy and imbalanced. Buy fabric, border paper, and wallpaper that fits the theme. Also, shop for the main print that will serve to tone the entire room.

Select a background color

look at the main print you’ve chosen to guide you in selecting the background color which will be applied on the painted walls, ceiling, and even the floor.

Purchase coordinating items

While shopping for coordinating items, fabrics, prints, and accessories should be at top of your list. Your choice should depend on the main print provided it doesn’t look out-of-place in the room. The chosen theme should always be your first priority and guide.

Highlight the focal area of the room

Most people choose the bed as the focal area since it is the most noticeable piece of furniture in a bedroom. But be unique, and choose a wall mural, play area, or the display shelf holding your child’s artwork. This focal area should serve as the central point of the room and simply scream your selected theme.

Let your imagination go wild

In planning and selecting decorative pieces, use your imagination and set it to the highest level. An example is associating basketball in your child’s headboard. Paint it in the same look as in a basketball court. Use Styrofoam balls as basketballs and stick it on the headboard. You can also personalize shelves and the play area.

Choose appropriate bedding

There are lots of choices on the market. From cartoon characters to sports, you will find it all.

Save an area for your child’s artwork

You can have this area on a display shelf or a pin-up board. This place will show your child’s artwork, projects, and simple collections.

Save room for storage

Never forget to leave lots of space for storage. This place will hold your child’s clothes, books, toys, hobby supplies, and even a computer. As much as possible, this area should also be decorated in the same theme. If not, then put this area in a place where it isn’t directly seen or it will lessen the impact of your efforts.

Apply decorative hardware

Novelty furniture is a good and easy choice. But, since this can be heavy on the budget, you can do-it-yourself especially for cabinets, doors, and drawers.

Repeat and reuse

Repeat and reuse the same fabric, print, and color. You can apply this on three areas in the same room. If you do this properly, the end result will be a beautifully coordinated themed room.

Always mind safety precautions in your project. When all is in its place and the room is completed, congratulate yourself for a job well done. Your child will surely appreciate the room you’ve made for him.

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