Four Coverage Types of a Long Term Care Insurance Policy

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A long term care insurance policy has various types of coverage which includes any of the  following:  home care;  adult day care;  assisted living; and, nursing home care.

Long term care insurance policy is intended to cover for various expenses needed for long term care services . It encompasses various aspects of services such as medical, social and even personal. Although, long term care is not only for the aged. However, with this type of insurance, the elderly are the most likely to need long term care. Let’s find out what covers a long term care specifically for the elderly.

Home care

Services offered for a home care service are classified into two types. There is the custodial and the other is the supportive. Custodial care, also known as skilled service, are provided by medical health agencies that caters to needs such as social service, hospice care, therapies for speech, occupational and respiratory. A specified care plan from a physician carefully administered by a certified staff  such as a health aide, a therapist or a nurse. This service is on a scheduled basis done in the homes of the aging person.

A supportive care, which is called as unskilled care, is usually provided for by health agencies that are classified as non-medical. Supportive care assists the elderly in personal care which includes bathing, dressing, preparation of meals, and even shopping as well as doing housekeeping tasks. Employing home care from either skilled or unskilled agencies can be covered by long term care insurance. Provided that the agencies are licensed in order for you to be given reimbursement for the expenses incurred in hiring such services.

Adult day care

Adult day care is also termed as adult day health care or adult day health service. In fact it has many other names. The concept of this type of service is to provide care recipients with care, supervision and some activities for a limited time only. This allows the caregiver of the care recipient to take some break while the care recipient is in the day care. An adult care can also provide management of medications to clients, offer activities that are therapeutic, and even transportation for the clients or care recipients in travelling to and from their respective homes.

Assisted living

Assisted living is a part of a long term care service which aims to provide various assistance on  personal care, health care and a housing facility too.  This is designed to answer the need of every individual  in terms of assistance in the usual day to day activities of the elderly and even to those with disabilities. However, it is also the goal of assisted living to instill in its clients that they are entitled to their privacy as well as with their independence.

The set up of an assisted living service compromises of several and even many independent residences having a residential setting. Some of the common functions of an assisted living long term care are: housekeeping, meals, management on medications, social and personal care services, laundry, recreational activities, and spiritual activities too. A resident care coordinator is assigned to manage the service plan of every elderly or client.

Nursing home care

A long term care insurance is also capable of funding this type of service. Most of the residents in a nursing home are above 60 years old. And, majority of these elderly cannot manage to eat, move or bathe themselves. A lot of these residents are suffering from either physical or mental disorders too.  A nursing home is likened to a hospital set up where patients or these elderly are provided with hospital beds to sleep on. Services in this facility such as laundry, cleaning, and meal preparation are all charged to the residents.

It is really advisable to plan as early as now. Get hold of tools for assessment like worksheets and checklists. A free long term care insurance quote is what you need too. Ask quotations from different insurance companies so you can compare their policies and choose the one that suits you best.

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