Top 4 Distinctions of Bunk Beds, Bunk Bed Futons and Loft Beds for a Guided Shopping

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Bunk beds, bunk bed futons and loft beds differ in their configuration, mattress details, ideal use and safety.

Parents often prefer bunk beds, bunk bed futons and loft beds than other sort of beds because their kids simply adore them. They are made from different materials and in different colors, most common ones are the white bunk beds. They do not only  save space but also makes a room stylish and play-friendly. But one problem that shoppers are facing would be how these three differ. Find out there distinctions for a much guided shopping.


Bunk beds are distinctive space-saving bedroom furniture pieces and they come in many styles too. A bunk bed is a twin bed, one on top of the other. Two people can sleep in a similar floor footprint. One can climb up the upper deck through a ladder. There are some bunk beds that provide another pull out bed or a storage compartment.

Futon bunk beds are similar in configuration as regular bunk beds but the difference is that the lower bed of the futon bunk bed can be used as a couch. On the other hand, loft beds have a twin bed on top and an open space down low. This open space can be used as a play area by kids or a workstation by elder children. It can also be used as a mini closet.

Mattress details

A standard bunk bed has two mattresses – one twin size bed on top and another twin size bed below. Both beds cannot be folded thus they are fixed twin beds. A bunk bed with a futon is a configuration of a twin bunk bed on top and located below is a full-size futon sofa. The futon underneath could be spread out into a bed at night and then back into a sofa by daytime. Great thing here is, you don’t have to move the entire bed when making the bed into a couch once more because it is front-operating.

Lastly, loft beds have but one twin bed above and the part below is an open space for other selected furniture. Mattress protectors should never be left aside especially for little ones. This will shield your foam from bedwetting. It also protects those who sleep in it from allergies caused by dust mites and other pests and bugs. These add-ons are easy to wash and placed back on the bed.

Ideal use

Bunk beds are ideal for kids and great for older ones too. This is a convenient solution to space problems. It can accommodate two persons – one on top and on below. Futon bunk beds are perfect for sleepovers and guests who are staying for the night. This has room for one older child on top and two little kids occupying the futon below. Loft beds have the least capacity in these three choices. It can accommodate just one person on top.


Before purchasing any kind of furniture, check its safety first. Beds on top should always have guardrails on both sides of the mattress to avoid unconsciously rolling off the bed at night. Make sure that the spacing between the guardrail and mattress isn’t wide enough for a kid to slip through and get strangled. Choose one that has a secured ladder which won’t slip when someone climbs on it. Inquire the manufacturers about the safety ratings and weight limits to prevent injury and accidents.

So you see, different bed fixtures can satisfy different needs. But if you really want the best for your children, choose the best features there is.

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