Top 5 Factors to Consider Before Buying Bunk Beds

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To have the best choice of bunk beds, here are a few factors that you need to consider before buying one: room space, bunk bed type, bed features, bed style, and bed safety.

Choosing a furniture is not an easy task especially when choosing those intended for kids to use. Your choice of a bunk bed, for one, is a crucial decision to make. A kid’s bunk bed should not only be functional and in style, but, it should ultimately guarantee your kid’s safety at all times. Go over the five factors that absolutely require your careful scrutiny:

Room space

A bunk bed is definitely fitting for a small room, although, it can greatly benefit to larger rooms as well. It is advisable that you measure the room space by measuring both the ceiling height and the floor space. There should be approximately 2 feet gap from the ceiling to the topmost part of the bunk bed. Although, height of bunk beds may differ, but the average height is about 6 feet high. With regards to the floor space, a twin bunk bed would not be needing as much space as a standard bunk bed, yet, certain additional features of a twin bunk bed might need some extra space. An additional feature would be a pull-out drawer for extra storage space in the room.

Bunk bed type

The type of bunk bed would solely depend on your kids’ needs. The two major categories are: basic bunk bed and lofted bed. A basic bunk bed can be a twin bed over another twin bed or it can also be a twin bed over a full bed. A lofted bed, on the other hand, can be a loft bed over a futon bed or it can also be a loft bed over an open space than can be utilized as a study area.

Bed features

A special feature for your bunk bed would depend also on your kid’s needs as well as with his age. For kids who love to invite friends to sleep over to your house, then futon bunk beds are more appropriate. A bunk bed with pull-out feature is another good option.

Bed style

There are various styles of bunk beds available for you and your kids to choose from. You have an option of buying one that is made of wood, or made of steel perhaps. A combination of wood and steel is also a nice choice. You can choose from either the traditional style or the modern style. A country style bunk bed would be another option for you. In fact, if your kids would like to have a theme room, there are numerous choices of these too.

Bed safety

First thing to note in buying your kids’ bunk bed is their safety. Standard safety features would include a footboard, headboard, and a guardrail.



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