Seven Easy Tips to Mix Traditional and Contemporary Furniture

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To achieve more success with mixing the old and new, keep in mind 7 easy tips: know what you want; decide on what style should dominate; make sure that your furniture matches your personality; take note of the furniture’s smallest details; make sure that the furniture complement each other; use objects that will help link the traditional and contemporary; and choose furniture with the same height or size.

The mixing of the old and new has become popular these days, and people are embracing the style. One of the reasons why mixing traditional furniture with contemporary furniture is a good design idea is that the two styles complement each other. However, mixing the two is not as easy as you would think. Sometimes it could result in a visual disaster. Hare a few tips to help you get started:

Know what you want

Do you want to mix modern with the traditional because you appreciate this design idea, or do you just want to try the “in” thing today? You can determine the answer to this through visualization. Try visualizing you room with modern or traditional furniture. If you like what you are seeing, then it is time to proceed with the next step.

Decide on what style should dominate

Certain colors match certain styles. You cannot just mix and match and expect an amazing result. Traditional and modern furniture should be matched with the right colors. Most of the time, the color of your wall should tell you whether contemporary or traditional style should dominate.

Make sure that your furniture matches your personality

When deciding what color, texture, or style of furniture, take into account your personality or character. Do not choose a furniture because it looks pleasing to the eyes even if you feel that it doesn’t fit your personality. For example, a smooth-textured armchair may look clean and comfortable, but your personality leans more toward the rugged side, so you should take that into consideration.

Take note of the furniture’s smallest details

When choosing furniture, or any item for that matter, sometimes it is best to compare prices and designs, so you go to different stores or shops. In the process, you might forget some important details that will ultimately help you decide on which item to buy. Thus, it is important that you take note of details of the furniture, even the smallest details, because they could make a lot of difference in your purchasing decisions.

Make sure that the furniture complement each other

Your room is the one place in your house where you are given utmost privacy. You will spend a lot of time in your room, so it is important that the furniture provides a harmonious look. Both the modern and the traditional should have something in common.

Use objects that will help link the traditional and contemporary

There are many objects that can provide a link to the old and new. The most common are lamps, chandeliers, and sculpture with modern or neoclassical lines.

Choose furniture with the same height or size

Look for furniture pieces that have more or less the same height or size so they look good when combined. For example, a high-backed chair should be paired with taller-backed sofa. Aside from the height and size, it is also important to choose furniture with the same design aesthetic. This provides for a more pleasing style.

When mixing traditional with contemporary style, remember two key factors: keep it simple and don’t overdo it. By keeping these two in mind, you can avoid a visual chaos, which often results from overdoing things.

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