Looking for Some Cool Groomsmen Gifts for a Summer Wedding? I've Got Plenty of Ideas for You

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Perfect Groomsmen Gifts for a Summer WeddingAs we all know, the summer months are the most popular for WEDDINGS!   This is because the weather is warm and just perfect to celebrate such a very memorable occasion.  Couples also have so many outdoor choices available to them as to where to conduct their wedding, such as the beach, golf course or garden.  But a summer wedding wouldn’t be successful without the support of your beloved groomsmen.  What better way to repay them than to give a cool and unique token of appreciation that is not only sentimental but also perfect for the summer season.  Here are my choices for some great groomsmen gifts:

Beer baskets

A wedding may be pretty when held during the summer. Your groomsmen may be very busy attending to your guests and ushering them to their tables. But you also need to anticipate that your guests and even your groomsmen may need some refreshments to quench their thirst from the summer heat.  That’s why giving beer baskets for your groomsmen would be a great idea. They are thirst quenchers and also a reminder that it’s a great day to celebrate.

Personalized or sport t-shirts

Give your groomsmen personalized t-shirts as a gift. You may put his initials on the shirt or a big ‘groomsman’ title on it. It is something useful and very comfortable to wear. You can also give him a t-shirt of his favorite sports team. He’ll surely use it when he’s out watching some games. It’s a great way to support his favorite team, and at the same time, remind him of you and your partner.

Personalized caps

The heat can be blazing during your wedding in the summertime. Thus, a personalized cap is also a nice idea. They can use it even after the wedding when they are out camping or on their summer breaks or vacations.


Sunglasses would be a classy groomsmen gift for your summer wedding. They can use it for so many summers to come or really any time of the year.

Slippers or sandals

Give your groomsmen some slippers or sandals especially when your wedding is held on the beach. You don’t want your groomsmen to wear their shiny leather shoes on the sand. With a pair of footwear, they can be very comfortable during your big day.

Board shorts

You must have known that summer is the time when most of your buddies plan to go to the beach to have fun. But having your wedding day during the summertime may also have caused changes to their plans. So give them board shorts as groomsmen gifts. This will be a reminder that you are grateful for their presence and so that they can be ready to go to the beach after the celebration.


Boys love surfing.  Since your wedding is held on summer, surfboards are great ideas to give to them too.  These will give them the chance to enjoy the sand and water after a day of being prim and proper.

Hopefully, you can find some great gift ideas here and show your groomsmen the appreciation they deserve for being part of your life and your special day!

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