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Way Basics

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I am a full-fledged organizational junkie and so I'm always on the lookout to find interesting and unique ways to give everything in my house its own place.  My daughter's room is a case in point.  She is currently two years old and her room is now in a transitional phase from being a nursery, to being a little girl's room.  Once her changing table goes, she'll need some new pieces of furniture, such as a nightstand by her bed.

Of course, every piece of furniture I consider buying needs to have a practical storage application too since my daughter already has so much stuff!  Way Basics is a company that provides low-cost storage solutions which are actually good for the environment too.  Keep reading to find out how they helped me create an interesting and practical nightstand for my little girl's room!

I reviewed the zBoard Storage Cube in White and the Cozy Storage Cube in Flower Pink from Way Basics, which retail for $20.00 and $16.00, respectively.

What instantly intrigued me about the furniture Way Basics offers is that it is all constructed of zBoards, which are made of 99% post-consumer recycled paper.  These zBoards are extremely light, yet offer the same level of strength and durability as typical particle board.  zBoards are also completely toxin free, containing absolutely no formaldehyde or VOCs, and are 100% recyclable.

Way Basics zBoard Storage Cube Way Basics Cozy Storage Cube


I was sent the white zBoard Recycled Storage Cube to review and was very pleased when I found out that assembling this cube required no tools whatsoever.  As a matter of fact, I had the cube assembled in under five minutes!  It was even so strong and sturdy that I could sit on top of it without causing any damage.  This made me feel good since it's going to be used in my daughter's room, and I could easily see Riley standing on it herself.

The zBoard storage cube has an infinite number of possibilities and could store extra clothes in a closet, books or magazines, toys, purses, belts, etc.  Because these cubes are so durable and can be stacked together in a variety of combinations, you could design a storage solution for any room in your house which would only be limited by your imagination.

Way Basics zBoard and Cozy Storage Cubes Way Basics zBoard and Cozy Storage Cubes


The outside finish of the cube is lightly lacquered so that the surfaces will wipe clean easily.  You can readily decorate these cubes with large vinyl stickers to give them a little added personality too.  I have to admit though that I wish the outside of the zBoards was designed without the lacquer, or that perhaps they made one storage cube without the lacquer finish.

I would love to have the option to paint the storage cubes so that they would be able to match my daughter's room exactly.  I thought that it would also be neat when Riley was older to give her markers and let her decorate her cubes anyway she wants, but with the lacquer finish, this isn't an option.

Way Basics zBoard and Cozy Storage Cubes Way Basics zBoard and Cozy Storage Cubes


I absolutely loved the cozy storage cube from Way Basics for by simply adding this cube to the zBoard storage cube, I have a beautiful storage solution which could conceal everything inside!  What a neat way to hide any unsightly items from view and to maximize the storage space of the cube itself.  This cozy storage cube comes in a variety of beautiful colors and even folds flat when not in use.  I loved the metal hardware around the handles and the pattern of the canvas used on the inside.

These cozy storage cubes are also great for use by themselves or with an existing bookshelf you may already have.  I have purchased another storage cube and pink basket so that I can stack these two units on top of each other and make the perfect nightstand for Riley.  A typical nightstand costs over $100 and doesn't offer much room for storage, but with the Way Basics modular storage cubes, I can get her a great nightstand for half the price!

If you have an area in your house that desperately needs to be organized or want an inexpensive storage solution for a kid's room or dorm room, then I highly recommend shopping Way Basics.  Their modular furniture might be just what you need to tame the clutter and not harm the environment in the process!

Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the zBoard Storage Cube and Cozy Storage Cube from Way Basics in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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