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the ellie jean

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In this day and age, designer jeans can be one of the most versatile fashions in any woman's closet.  They are so easy to pair with anything else, such as a blazer or nice silk shirt to even a ratty t-shirt and tennis shoes.  Of course, any pair of jeans I buy need to flatter my figure as much as possible and help me to look GOOD when I go out.  Recently, I discovered a brand new name in private label designer jeans called the ellie.

What's great about the ellie is that they have created two lines of jeans for women made in the USA and designed specifically to benefit the ellie fund, a non-profit breast cancer foundation.  This foundation provides transportation to medical appointments, childcare, housekeeping, groceries and meals free of charge to more than 600 women and families each year who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer in Massachusetts.

What a fabulous idea...a designer jean which will make me look good AND feel good about helping those with breast cancer.  Keep reading to find out more!

I reviewed the following pairs of private label designer jeans from the ellie:

"the ellie" curvy bootcut, which retails for $119.00

"the ellie" straight leg/high rise

the ellie currently has two styles of jeans they've created to benefit the ellie fund.  They were so kind to send me one of each to try and I have to admit that I was really impressed by both pairs of jeans they sent.  First, I was amazed at how the gal at the ellie was able to nail the correct size I needed from only a few comments from me.  Jeans sizing is not easy at all and I was thankful at how knowledgeable they were about the fit of their jeans.

Next, I absolutely loved the dark wash of these jeans.  The color reminded me of the super dark indigo of the designer jeans of the 80's, such as the Calvin Klein jeans that Brooke Shields wore.  This dark indigo color instantly makes these jeans appear more dressy and stylish and guarantees that they will look great with anything in my closet.  The logo of "the ellie" jean, located on both back pockets, was also very subtle and appeared to resemble a raised double "V" to me.  

the ellie jean curvy bootcut

Here is the front view of me in "the ellie" curvy bootcut jean.

the ellie jean curvy bootcut

Here is the rear view of me in "the ellie" curvy bootcut jean.


The first pair of jeans I tried on was "the ellie" curvy bootcut jean.  These fit great and I really liked how they contained 2% spandex for that extra stretch, which always seems to ensure a great fit.  The curvy bootcut design fit lower on my waist and had a more relaxed leg.  This is a wonderfully classic fit and one that has been in style for quite a while now.

As you can see from the pictures above, these jeans were a perfect length on me too for they have a 33" inseam.  I LOVED this about "the ellie" jean for I have such a hard time finding pants that are long enough for me.  I was amazed that this was the standard length of their jeans!

the ellie jean straight leg/high rise

Here is the front view of me in "the ellie" straight leg/high rise jean.

the ellie jean straight leg/high rise

Here is the rear view of me in "the ellie" straight leg/high rise jean.


Finally, I put on "the ellie" straight leg/high rise jean and fell in love!  These higher-waisted jeans seemed to hug me in all the right places and helped control my muffin top too, which has seemed to grow a little since Thanksgiving!  :)  These jeans were tighter throughout the thigh and leg, but reminded me of the sexy 80's style designer jeans and I thought I even appeared skinnier in them.

Again, I couldn't have been happier with the length of this style of "the ellie" jeans for they were a full 34" in length!  Because they were a little long, I noticed that the legs seemed to bunch up a little at the bottom, which would look great with a pair of pumps and a nice blouse or even with a faded t-shirt and a pair of high-top Converse tennis shoes.

If you or someone you know is a fashionable gal who just loves a great pair of designer jeans, then I highly recommend checking out both the straight leg/high rise and curvy bootcut "the ellie" jeans.  Not only will you look great in your newest wardrobe essential, but the proceeds of your purchase would have also helped out over 600 breast cancer patients in the process.  Now that's one holiday gift EVERYONE will feel wonderful about!

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Disclosure:  I received both "the ellie" curvy bootcut and "the ellie" straight leg/high rise designer jeans from the ellie in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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