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Lighting is one of the key elements of interior decorating and can really help to set the mood of a room.  I've been busy decking the halls with boughs of holly and putting out all of my beautiful holiday decor, which includes a lot of candles.  I love the way candlelight softens a room and lends a nostalgic touch to its surroundings.  Unfortunately, I have a very curious 2-year old and a rambunctious dog which make actually lighting these candles virtually impossible.

Enjoy Lighting is a company that has found a way to allow you and your home to benefit from the joys of candlelight without any of the dangers that an open flame can bring.  They've created an entire collection of flameless LED wax candles, which operate using only batteries.  Keep reading to learn all about them!

I reviewed the following flameless LED wax candles from Enjoy Lighting:

Ivory Smooth Vanilla - 3" x 6" Pillar, which retails for $19.99 with FREE SHIPPING

Ivory Smooth Vanilla - 3" x 4" Pillar, which retails for $13.99, but is currently on sale for $13.01 with FREE SHIPPING

Glacier Cranberry Distressed Huckleberry - 3" x 6" Pillar, which retails for $23.00

Glacier Cranberry Distressed Huckleberry 3" x 4" Pillar, which retails for $20.00

Enjoy Lighting Ivory Flameless LED Candles

I was very excited to have the chance to review these four different flameless LED candles, for I love the ambiance and soft glow emitted from a lit candle.  Basically, I received two different styles of candle, the Ivory Smooth Vanilla and the Glacier Cranberry Distressed Huckleberry.  Both of these varieties of flameless LED candle operate on four "AA" batteries and offer a timer feature which allows you to set the candle to illuminate for either 4, 6 or 8 hour intervals at a time before shutting off.

They are all composed of real wax, so they look just like real candles.  They even contain a melted wax edge around the tops, and have a slight fragrance like an unlit candle.  The difference comes where the wick would normally be located, for instead there are three separate LED lights, which flicker and give the illusion of a traditional lit candle.  

Enjoy Lighting Glacier Cranberry Flameless LED Candles

The LED lights used will last forever for they are guaranteed to withstand 100,000 hours of use before burning out!  Unfortunately though, if you are planning on using these Enjoy Lighting Flameless LED Candles often, you are going to go through a lot of batteries.  Each candle uses 4 "AA" batteries and the Ivory Smooth Vanilla candle says that it has a 180-hour battery life, which in my opinion, isn't very long.

If I used these candles for four hours per day, I will need to replace the batteries after about a month and a half.  Of course, if I use them more, the batteries will need to be replaced even more frequently, which can really add up to be quite expensive.

There is a big difference in battery life between the Ivory Smooth Vanilla candles and the Glacier Cranberry Distressed Huckleberry candles.  The Ivory Smooth Vanilla candles claim to last 180 hours before the batteries need to be changed, though the Enjoy Lighting website claims that these same candles last over 300 hours, so I'm not sure which figure is accurate.  The Glacier Cranberry Distressed Huckleberry candles claim to last over 450 hours on a single set of batteries, though the Enjoy Lighting website claims that these same candles also last over 300 hours.

If the 450-hour figure is accurate, then that definitely changes my opinion of these flameless LED candles.  That's a long time to go between battery changes and the cost of using these candles regularly just became a lot less expensive.  Unfortunately, the dark red candle wax of the Glacier Cranberry Distressed Huckleberry candles didn't allow for much "candlelight" to penetrate through so that it was hard to tell whether this candle was lit or not.  Check out my video below to see the Enjoy Lighting Flameless LED Candles in action.

I think these candles are really quite beautiful and realistic, and I love how they remove the fire hazard that traditional candles pose.  Personally, I plan on using these flameless LED candles sparingly around the house and most definitely for special occasions, but am not planning on using them regularly due to the cost of batteries.  I also highly recommend purchasing the lighter varieties of these candles, for they definitely seem to show the candlelight much better than the darker shades.

Ideally, I would love to own several of the distressed ivory, cream and beeswax candles for they provide beautiful, safe candlelight as well as have a 450-hour battery life too, per the candles' packaging.  Now you can SAFELY deck the halls with beautiful candlelight this holiday season!

Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the Ivory and Glacier Cranberry Flameless LED Wax Candles from Enjoy Lighting in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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