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Fierce Fun Toys

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One of the biggest (and sometimes most painful) parts of growing up is learning to embrace those things about yourself that you might not like.  A lot of times children shy away from others if they feel that they are too different or will be laughed at.  Fierce Fun Toys has created three unbelievably cute and hilarious characters which all demonstrate that embarrassing differences might actually lead to something GOOD.  I had the opportunity to get personally acquainted with Norman, Harry and Ben and read all about their adventures and HILARIOUS "setbacks".  Keep reading to find out more!

I reviewed the following Toys with a Tale from Fierce Fun Toys:

Ben KaChoo plush, which retails for $24.95

Ben KaChoo "Sink or Swim" picture book, which retails for $4.95

Harry Hiccers plush, which retails for $24.95

Harry Hiccers "A New Zoo" picture book, which retails for $4.95

Norman PhartEphant plush, which retails for $24.95

Norman PhartEphant "First New Day" picture book, which retails for $4.95

I haven't quit laughing since Norman, Harry and Ben have entered our home.  You see, they are the three lovable plush characters I came to meet through Fierce Fun Toys.  Each one of these cute little critters has a problem, which is immediately evident as soon as you squeeze his tail.

In my opinion, you could easily spin a whole yarn of stories on your own about each one of these characters and teach your children all about manners, being accepted and fitting in, embarrassing situations, etc.  Fierce Fun Toys has actually released a picture book which corresponds to each "Toy with a Tale" and gives you a great place to start introducing these little guys to your children.

Fierce Fun Toys Toys With a Tale

Norman PhartEphant is an elephant newly transported from Africa to a US zoo.  Unfortunately, the change in his diet has made him extremely gassy and he releases farts of every kind, without notice.  I think Norman and my husband may know each other!  :)  The Norman plush toy actually has a catalog of 8 different farts it can release with just the squeeze of his tail.

I can't stop laughing when I hear these and once Riley is old enough to understand the storybook, I will properly introduce her to Norman.  For now, she understands what a "toot" is and I'm trying to teach her to say "Excuse Me" after hearing Norman toot.  Right now, the only thing Riley will do is loudly proclaim to anyone listening that "(Fill in the name of who tooted here) TOOTED!"

Fierce Fun Toys Norman PhartEphant Fierce Fun Toys Norman PhartEphant


Harry Hiccers is also a new transport from Australia to the US zoo and because he is so curious and welcomes trying new food, he gets the hiccups.  Harry is shy and doesn't have any friends, so it is quite a relief when his hiccuping actually leads him to make several new friends.  I love the Harry Hiccers plush for whenever you squeeze his tail, you'll hear one of seven different hiccups along with exclamations of disbelief in a strong Australian accent, which is very cute!

Fierce Fun Toys Harry Hiccers Fierce Fun Toys Harry Hiccers


Finally, Ben KaChoo is a hippo with allergies, who just happens to be extremely allergic to his surroundings at the zoo.  He sneezes so hard one day, that he actually bothers a surly crocodile, but the two wind up discovering similarities about themselves and become friends instead.  The Ben KaChoo plush emits six different sneezes along with sayings like "Whoa!" and "Excuse Me!".  Since my daughter has seasonal allergies, I think that she will end up identifying with Ben the most.

Fierce Fun Toys Ben KaChoo Fierce Fun Toys Ben KaChoo


Even though the stories are written at a higher level, I think that even young children will find the "Toys with a Tale" plush characters extremely entertaining and will giggle with glee every time they squeeze these toys' tails.  Riley loved all three of these plush toys and I can't wait to start reading her the stories and explaining more about each character when she gets a little older.

If you want to turn storytime, Christmastime or ANYTIME into an absolute laugh riot with your kids, then I highly recommend purchasing your favorite "Toys with a Tale" plush character and picture book!

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Disclosure:  I received the Toys with a Tale and Matching Picture Books from Fierce Fun Toys in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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