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Learning ResourcesMath is typically one of the more difficult subjects in school for kids.  It's based purely on logic, which at times, can be hard for a young, developing mind to grasp.  The best way to teach Math successfully is often through the use of manipulatives so that a student can actually visualize the concept for themselves, resulting in one of those "Aha!" moments that all teachers live for.

Learning Resources has so many fine educational toys that I was more than happy to give their newest math activity set a try.  Measuring Motors offers children a fun and engaging way to master measurement, counting and sorting and early addition.  Keep reading to learn more!

I reviewed the Measuring Motors Math Activity Set from Learning Resources, which retails for $29.99.

Learning Resources Measuring Motors Math Activity Set

Navigate the highway of measurement, length by length, with Measuring Motors!  Get your child started on the rules of the road by comparing cars of varying sizes and colors, estimating lengths and so much more.  In this dynamic nonstandard measurement activity set, children can go the distance in learning about, and engaging with, essential measurement skills.  This set will also help bridge the gap between understanding nonstandard and standard measurement, for the included car track is also marked in 1-inch increments.

The Measuring Motors Math Activity Set includes the following:

  • 88 cars in 3 sizes and 4 colors
  • 4 interlocking road tracks

Learning Resources Measuring Motors Math Activity SetThere are a ton of activities to get your child's motor revving, but since Riley doesn't quite meet the recommended age of 4 to 8 years old, I decided to let her explore on her own, with a little occasional facilitation from me.  I was really impressed at how much she enjoyed lining these colorful cars up along the track!  It also didn't take her long to discover that some of these cars were shorter than others, but if you combined them just right, the lengths would match.

Although it's not mentioned on their site, I think this toy is a wonderful tool for teaching fractions to children as well.  For instance, when Riley noticed that three of the small cars equaled the length of one of the large cars, I explained that the short car was 1/3 the size of the large one.

It helped so much having a great visual there to teach the difficult concept of fractions...especially to a 3-year-old, but I honestly think Riley understood.  I'm also trying to show her the beginnings of measuring something by lining up the front of the object with the first yellow tick mark and counting the spaces between tick marks to get a standard measurement.

The best part is, Riley is actually having a blast learning her new math skills with the Measuring Motors set.  There's just something about incorporating a great deal of brightly-colored plastic cars into the mix that makes anything more fun to learn!  If you have a preschooler that could benefit from a little guided math practice, then by all means test drive the new Measuring Motors Math Activity Set from Learning Resources!

Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure: I received the Measuring Motors Math Activity Set from Learning Resources in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
I'm a former 7th grade Science teacher turned stay-at-home mom that lives in Houston, Texas. I am married to my college sweetheart and have a beautiful daughter named Riley, who definitely keeps me on my toes! I am also involved in starting a small business which would both manufacture and sell an invention that I've patented, called Toothpaste 2 Go. I love interacting with my readers and hope to learn as much about you as you learn about me!

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