Review - Master Lock 5400D Select Access Key Storage Box

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Master LockI'm sure everyone at one point in time has used the age-old trick of hiding your house key under your door mat or under a potted plant so that you could allow someone else entry into your home.  We all might think that we are fooling the thieves and truly hiding our key well, though unfortunately, these two places are usually the first ones that criminals search.

In order to keep our homes safe and secure, Master Lock has devised an ingenious product which keeps our house keys safe and secure too.  I recently had the chance to review the 5400D Select Access Key Storage Box with Choose Your Own Combination Lock.  Keep reading to learn more!

I reviewed the 5400D Select Access Key Storage Box from Master Lock, which retails for $38.11, but is currently on sale for $18.50 with FREE SHIPPING.

Master Lock 5400D Select Access Key Storage Box with CombinationThe Master Lock 5400D Select Access Key Safe hangs securely around your door knob and holds up to five keys.  Compact and durable, this key safe will open only when you enter your personalized combination and you can easily change this combination at any time.

What's more, Master Lock has made sure to design the 5400D Select Access Key Storage Box so that it will withstand the tools a thief might use to attempt entry.  The 5400D is a great key safe for people selling their homes, and it's also a smart choice for families with children who may need to enter the house when an adult isn't present.

It could also be used so that family members will have access to your home, even when you're away, and handy workers and cleaning personnel will be able to enter your house too, as long as they are given the combination to the key safe.

If you're like me, you might not have typical door knobs on the outer doors of your home.  That's why it's wonderful that the Select Access Key Storage Box is so lightweight and portable.  If you'd rather not hang this key safe on the door to your home, you could always hang it from a fence, post or other secure structure.

Don't worry about this key safe scratching up your door handle, either.  The shackle is covered with a thick vinyl, so as to eliminate scratching.  The Master Lock 5400D has also been designed to withstand the elements and the shutter door will effectively protect the combination dials from weather, dirt and dust so that this key safe will perform well for years to come.


As you can see from the video above, the Master Lock 5400D is truly the perfect solution for granting limited access to your home while you're away.  Now you can finally kick the unsafe habit of leaving your house keys under a rock, door mat or potted plant for good.  With this innovative Master Lock key safe, your home will be accessible and protected at the same time!

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Disclosure:  I received the 5400D Select Access Key Storage Box from Master Lock in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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