Afraid of a Budget Scare? These Top 8 Money Saving Halloween Ideas Might Be Just the "Trick"

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Halloween Budget Scares Do Halloween expenses send a shiver through your spine?  When you hear the words “trick or treat” do you want to retreat?  Want to give your wallet a much needed break on October 31st?

Household savings expert, Jeanette Pavini, has eight cost savings Halloween tips that are so great they're spooky.

  • Back from the Dead:  Buying brand new costumes yearly can get costly.  Many are overpriced and there’s a good chance it will only be worn once.  Try children’s resale shops and get a costume that looks like new.  Save up to 80% off the retail price by shopping resale.  Sweeten the deal by trading in your old Halloween costumes – and get credit towards your purchase or even make a profit.

  • Ghoulishly Good Deal:  Spirit Halloween is offering a discount on costumes.  Copy and enter this coupon code from at checkout "SPAFF20" and save 20% on the highest priced item in your cart.  That’s an amazing deal any "witch" way you look at it.
  • Smashing Pumpkins:  Carve the pumpkin too early and it will be D.O.A. before Halloween.  Get some mileage out of it instead.  If you have young tots, use stickers, colored markers or paint to decorate a pumpkin that will last through Thanksgiving.  Now that’s something to scream about!
  • Keep the Sugar to a Minimum-my:  Kids will be racking up the sweets so don’t feel like you have to give them a handful.  One piece from each house they visit will give them more than enough candy and their parents will thank you!
  • Bone Appetit, Look for Deal Treats:  Candy is in high demand this time of year, but manufacturers are still competing for your trick-or-treating dollars.  Make sure to look for coupons and special promotions in-store.
  • Goblin up Treats in November:  Do your best to avoid candy cravings until after Halloween, then stock up on your favorite sweet treats the day after.  All Halloween candy will go on sale and it tastes just as good with a pumpkin on the label.
  • “Boo”ks Help You Stay Clutter Free:  Get Halloween-themed children’s books from the library rather than buying a bunch and keeping them in storage 11 months out of the year.  Libraries usually have a holiday section where you'll find books for children, adults, cookbooks, craft books, music and movies too.
  • Of Corpse You Should Get Crafty:  Invoke the spirit of Martha Stewart and create free Halloween craft projects.  Search the web for free coloring pages you can print out.  Have kids make orange and black paper chains with construction paper.  Make a shrunken head out of a dried apple.  There are so many fun ideas it will simply make you batty!
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