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Profiled Products

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We all have favorite photos in our collection that we just can't get enough of.  Maybe they are of our kids, ourselves on vacation, our pets, beautiful scenery, etc.  Now there's a company called Profiled Products which can take those favorite high-resolution photos and turn a vast array of products they sell into customized works of art!

I had the fortunate opportunity to review a custom wrapped 12 quart Igloo cooler from Profiled Products.  Keep reading to see how they took one of my favorite pictures of my husband and I on our honeymoon and a regular cooler, and transformed them into an unforgettable item and one of the coolest things I've ever seen!  

I reviewed the 12 Quart Small Igloo Custom Wrapped Cooler from Profiled Products, which retails for $99.95.

I laughed out loud when I first received my custom wrapped cooler from Profiled Products, because I was shocked at just how well it turned out!  They were able to take a regular, boring white Igloo cooler and turn it into an instant memory of my husband and I on our honeymoon!

I chose this photo because we were both so happy here, having a blast in Mexico.  I'm a sucker for buying photos from anyone with a camera while on vacation and believe me, I bought a ton of them on our honeymoon.  I love how Profiled Products took the high-resolution photo that I emailed them and designed it so that the entire cooler is covered with this photo.

Profiled Products Igloo Cooler Profiled Products Igloo Cooler


The front of the cooler as well as the back, has the picture of Michael and I on it and the sides display the water only.  I love the size of the 12 quart Igloo cooler, for it is great for a day out with the family or a "quick" tailgate session.  It is especially handy that the Igloo cooler has a small compartment for storing your keys, cell phone, camera, etc., and because it is an Igloo brand cooler, I know that I can expect only the best from its performance and durability.

Of course, my daughter Riley likes to use it as a bench and she is fascinated that somehow mommy and daddy's picture is right there on the cooler!

Because it is a custom item, you must exhibit a little extra care so as not to ruin the outer wrapping.  You should not submerge the cooler, place it in the dishwasher or microwave or expose the cooler to an open flame or any sharp objects.  If the cooler becomes dirty, simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

Profiled Products Igloo Cooler Profiled Products Igloo Cooler


The only thing that I didn't like about my custom cooler was the large Profiled Products logo and phone number on both the front and the back.  In my opinion, this ruined part of the look of the picture, since it covered part of my legs.  I don't see the need to self-promote right there on your own picture, since they could easily have placed their logo on the sides or bottom of the cooler instead, or better yet, not at all.

Still, I think this is an extremely unique product and one that I will find a reason to bring out any time I can!  I just know that this cooler will be a conversation piece for years to come and I highly recommend any of their amazing customized products as one of the best gifts to give this holiday season.  

Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the 12 Quart Small Igloo Custom Wrapped Cooler from Profiled Products in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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