Review - Ritmo Prenatal Sound System ~ Safely Play Music in the Womb

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Nuvo GroupEach day, researchers and scientists are discovering new ways music influences mental and physical development.  Music is a “first language” we share with our child and is the first step to communication and parental bonding.  Scientific studies show that music is the foundation that encourages all areas of development.  Mentally it helps shape memory and language, and physically, it introduces rhythm and coordination.

Research has also shown that children recognize and prefer music they were exposed to in the womb for at least a year after they are born.  The results suggest that the developing brain is capable of storing and recovering memories over a long period of time and that a baby as young as 20 weeks old can hear sounds.

Ritmo, from Nuvo Group, is a prenatal sound system which allows you and your baby the chance to bond over your favorite tunes.  No matter what your preferences are, the Ritmo will help instill in your child a lifelong love of music.  Keep reading to learn more!

I reviewed the Ritmo Prenatal Sound System from Nuvo Group, which retails for $179.00, but is currently on sale for $129.52 with FREE SHIPPING.
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I can personally vouch for the benefit that a baby receives from listening to the world around them and to music in general while in the womb.  When I was pregnant with Riley, I loved playing Enya to her while I was relaxing or reading a book.  There was one CD that I especially played to her over and over again and once she was born, this CD was the only sure-fire way to calm her down and soothe her to sleep.

Also, because I was a teacher and taught right up until a week before I delivered, Riley got to hear me talking all day every day to my students.  Because of this, she was intimately familiar with my voice over any others, which is why my voice also seemed to work like a charm in calming and soothing her when she got upset.

Ritmo Prenatal Sound System from Nuvo Group

Developed by prenatal digital acoustic technology medical experts, Ritmo is not just an mp3 player for you and your baby, but rather a sophisticated and crucial pregnancy product aid that offers the following four, combined benefits:

  • Supreme safety for your baby
  • High quality sound for both mother and baby
  • Blissful comfort
  • On-the-go convenience

Using the Ritmo couldn't be simpler either.  First connect your iPod, Smartphone or mp3 player to the Nuvo Safe & Sound Controller.  Next, securely fasten the Ritmo around your belly and place the Nuvo Safe & Sound Controller in its special pocket on the belt.  Now you can start to dance and bond with your baby!

What really makes the Ritmo special and intuitively designed for babies in the womb is the Nuvo Safe & Sound Controller.  Also known as the "brain" of the Ritmo, this component actually learns the patterns of music and sounds and plays it to your baby in the womb at a safe and stable decibel that uniquely fits their physical growth stage during the pregnancy.  This ensures that no matter what music is played, it will always sound great and be listened to at the perfect level for baby.

Ritmo Prenatal Sound System from Nuvo Group

The Ritmo also thinks of mom's comfort too with the state-of-the-art elastic and lightweight fabric belt which can be worn at any stage of pregnancy.  This belt can be worn both on top of and underneath clothes and the specially woven spandex material is easy to wash and very durable.

Of course, because the Ritmo is an extension of your iPod or mp3 player, you can play absolutely anything you wish to the baby...even recordings of friends and family members reading books, singing songs, etc.  There's no limit to what your baby can safely hear and enjoy in the womb, thanks to the Ritmo Prenatal Sound System from Nuvo Group!

Product Review 4 Stars  
Disclosure: I received the Ritmo Prenatal Sound System from Nuvo Group in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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