Review - Striking Skin Care Daily Defense Duo ~ Stop Aging In Its Tracks

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Striking Skin Care Striking Defense DuoI have to admit that I'm pretty vain and when it comes to aging gracefully, I consider that a last resort.  First and foremost, I'd like to slow down the aging process to a crawl...THEN and only then, I'll age gracefully!  :)  Helix BioMedix is a company that is trying to help us drastically slow down, if not reverse, some of the fine lines and wrinkles that form in our skin and help us regain our skin's youthful appearance.

They've created the Striking Skin Care line of products which are supposed to help nurture, protect and revitalize your complexion.  I had the privilege of giving these four products a try for two weeks.  Read on to find out whether or not the Striking Skin Care line lives up to its anti-aging claims!

I reviewed the Striking Skin Care System from Helix BioMedix, which retails for $170.00, but is currently on sale for $149.95.

Striking Skin Care combines scientifically advanced ingredients with nurturing botanicals to reduce wrinkles in your skin as well as boost your skin's firmness, which will help to reverse your skin's signs of aging.  What makes their system unique is the SmartPeptide Technology in the Striking Skin Care products.

These three peptides work to increase your skin's collagen production, which helps to fill in wrinkles and gives skin a more firm appearance.  Check out the video below for more information on how the Striking Skin Care line works:



My particular skin challenges include dark circles under my eyes, uneven skin tone due to previous sun damage when I was much younger, laugh lines around my mouth and fine lines under my eyes.  I was hoping that the Striking Skin Care line could help me to correct these issues or at least stop them from getting any worse as I continue to age.

These particular products are designed to be used twice per day, as part of both your morning and nightly skin care routine.  Read below for my detailed experience with each of the four products from Striking Skin Care:

Striking Skin Care Multi-Vitamin Creme Cleanser

STEP 1: USE THE MULTI-VITAMIN CREME CLEANSER TO WASH YOUR FACE.  I have to admit that I wasn't too thrilled when I saw this cleanser was a creme cleanser, for normally they tend to be too heavy and don't leave my face with a clean feeling after washing.  Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that the Striking Skin Care Creme Cleanser had a fairly light consistency and rinsed easily from my face.  It didn't leave behind any thick residue, as I've come to experience in the past and I really liked the light, fresh smell too.  My face felt clean, yet slightly moisturized after using this product.


Striking Skin Care Multi-Peptide Serum

STEP 2:  USE THE STRIKING MULTI-PEPTIDE SERUM ALL OVER YOUR FACE.  This is the first product you'll use containing the SmartPeptides.  You are to apply one to two pumps of this product all over your face and then wait for it to dry completely before moving on to the next two steps.  I found that this product was a very thin gel with a consistency a little thicker than water.  It went on very smoothly and absorbed into your skin rather quickly.  It had a very slight tacky feeling to it once it dried, but that didn't bother me any.  This multi-peptide serum contains two SmartPeptides which are geared to target the signs of aging.  My skin did appear more hydrated after using this product too.


Striking Skin Care Rejuvenating Eye Creme

STEP 3: USE THE STRIKING REJUVENATING EYE CREME AROUND THE EYE AREA.  This product was probably my favorite of all, since I really liked its very thick and creamy consistency.  I am an avid user of eye cremes, since this is one of my skin's problem areas. I don't feel that thin cremes tend to stay put well and I haven't noticed much help from the thin types of cremes.  The rejuvenating eye creme was very thick and definitely seemed to hydrate this delicate skin area.  It also left behind a slight cooling sensation which gave some temporary relief to my tired eyes.


Striking Skin Care Restorative Moisture Creme STEP 4: USE THE STRIKING RESTORATIVE MOISTURE CREME ALL OVER YOUR FACE AND NECK.  This product had a very silky texture and had a much thinner consistency than the eye creme.  It glided on my skin well and seemed to absorb right away.  The purpose of this final moisturizer is to nourish and replenish the skin while age-fighting vitamins neutralize free radicals.  It also contains SmartPeptide technology which targets the signs of aging.  I would normally recommend this product, but it didn't seem to last as long as the others.  I used much more of this product than of any of the ones in the previous steps, yet the size was actually fairly small.  If you are like me and your face really soaks up the restorative moisture creme, just know that you will be purchasing much more of this product than the others.


As for the results, it's hard to say.  I used these products for two weeks straight and in that time, my skin felt much less rough and my skin tone does seem a little more even.  I didn't really see any noticeable reduction in my fine lines and wrinkles, but it wouldn't be fair to any skin care product to expect to in this short amount of time.

If there's one thing I've learned by being a skin care maven for the last 10 - 15 years, it's that your skin must completely regenerate or go through one full skin cycle for true results to be seen.  This generally takes 6-8 weeks to occur.  I am still using the Striking Skin Care line and do believe though, based on what I've seen so far, that I will be seeing a difference with prolonged use.  I definitely recommend them to help you stop your aging skin in its tracks!

Product Review Rating 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the Striking Skin Care System from Helix BioMedix and MamaBzz in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.


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