Review - WeeSqueak Kids Shoes ~ Your Tot Will Turn Heads Wherever They Go

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WeeSqueak Shoes My daughter has had a shoe fascination since she was just a little bitty baby.  Actually, "shoes" was the first real word she spoke!  I guess when you're a baby and you're at ground level most of the day, you get to see a lot of shoes coming and going.

Riley has even made taking her shoes off and on a game and loves to play with her shoes like toys from time to time.  So, when I heard that WeeSqueak Shoes actually makes adorable shoes that squeak everywhere you go, I just knew that Riley would want to wear a pair.  Keep reading to see if I was right!

I reviewed the Daisy Mary Jane Pink-White Daisy Shoes from WeeSqueak Shoes, which retail for $31.95 each.

I was very pleased when the Pink Daisy Mary Jane Shoes from WeeSqueak Shoes arrived, for I was surprised at what a well-made shoe this was.  The soft rubber sole was very flexible and appeared as if it would be very comfortable on Riley's feet as she was running and jumping about.  I also thought this shoe was absolutely adorable!

I love the classic Mary Jane style and the white daisy accents with pink and yellow centers and green leaves were so well done too.  The white stitching all around the shoe was also flawless.  I consider the Velcro closure to be a plus for now Riley can easily take these shoes off and on by herself, and any mom knows that toddlers just love doing everything by themselves right now!

WeeSqueak Shoes

Of course, this shoe is more than just good looks!  The fun and unique characteristic comes from the tiny squeaker that is placed in the heel of the shoe.  As soon as the child steps firmly on the heel, a rather loud squeak (which sounds like a dog toy) comes from the shoe.  They can be quite noisy which means that to your child, they will be a ton of fun!  Just watch the video below to see what Riley (and our dog, Noel) thought about the WeeSqueak Shoes when we gave them to her for the first time.



Riley loves these shoes and thinks of them more like toys than actual footwear.  She'll put these on by herself when she's in the mood to run and jump around the house.  But it seems that even she grows tired of the squeaking eventually and will take them off after about 30 minutes of play.  Because the squeakers can be kind of obnoxious, we don't allow her to wear them when we go out in public, for the public's sake.  I think these are fabulous shoes though and highly recommend them!  Any child will get quite a kick out of making a bunch of noise with every little step they take!



4 Star Product Review
Disclosure:  I received the Daisy Mary Jane Pink-White Daisy from WeeSqueak Shoes in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.


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