Review - Touch 'N Foam HomeSeal Insulating Foam

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Touch 'n Foam Home Seal Insulating Foam

Now that the temperatures are heating up and the little creepy, crawling critters are out and about, don't you wish there was a way to easily insulate your home better?  Touch 'N Foam HomeSeal allows you to do just that by filling in the tiny cracks and gaps in your home so as to keep your cool air inside and the insects and pests out!

I was sent the Touch 'N Foam HomeSeal Minimum Expanding Sealant from Convenience Products, which costs $5.25 on

I was sent the Touch 'N Foam HomeSeal Minimum Expanding Sealant from Convenience Products.  Here's some of what this product can do:

  • Blocks drafts, pests and insects
  • Cures fast, even in lower temperatures
  • Ideal for smaller gaps and cracks
  • Water resistant / fire retardant
  • Interior / exterior use
  • Paintable / sandable
Touch 'n Foam Home Seal Insulating Foam Touch 'n Foam Home Seal Insulating Foam Touch 'n Foam Home Seal Insulating Foam


My husband, Michael, looked around for a great place to use the HomeSeal as well as one that would be easy to take a picture of!  At the back of our garage, we found a place that could really use some insulation.  It is where our main circuit box connects to our electric meter.  These are just holes in our garage wall and we decided that the HomeSeal would be perfect for this task.

Michael easily applied the insulation and it did become tacky shortly thereafter (30 minutes).  If you'd like to wipe off any excess, you basically have 30 minutes to use a paper towel to do so.  Then, after about 4 hours, you would be free to paint or sand down this insulation, because the HomeSeal cures in 4 hours.

The thing that was really great about this product was how easy it was to dispense and how it wasn't messy at all.  There is a trigger that disconnects from the can, which makes it so that the insulation doesn't leak directly from the can around the seal.  Since HomeSeal sealant can be used both inside and outside your home, there is no job it can't handle!

This is a very economic solution to sealing your home from the elements, insects and pests.  The Touch 'n Foam HomeSeal is extremely easy to apply and it can be used successfully in both warm and cold temperatures.  It is perfect to tackle your smaller insulating jobs such as around pipe fittings, electrical outlet boxes and small gaps and cracks in walls and around windows.  It dries fairly quickly (4 hours) and can be sanded and painted so that you never even know it's there!

Product Review Rating 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the Touch 'n Seal HomeSeal Minimum Expanding Sealant from Convenience Products in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.


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