Christmas Gift Ideas for Co-Workers 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas for Co-Workers 2012
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Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers

      Revlon December Beauty Pick

      Get Holiday Glam with Foolproof Beauty from Revlon and H-E-B

      The holidays are a time to see and be seen.  With all of the holiday gatherings, office parties and family dinners you’ll be attending this season, it’s definitely a great time to look your best.  When I step out for a night on the town, I like to do a little bit extra with my ...

      Edible Arrangements

      Edible Arrangements: A Decadent and Healthful Holiday Gift Idea

      The holiday season is usually feared…by your waistline.  All of those delicious Christmas cookies, cakes and other snacks lurking at every gathering wreak havoc on your figure.  But it doesn’t have to be that way! Edible Arrangements has a delectable way to garnish any occasion with a healthful selection of perfectly ripened fruit. Their holiday arrangements ...

      Hickory Farms Party Planner Gift Box

      Once You Receive a Hickory Farms Gift Basket, the Holidays Can Officially Begin

      Hickory Farms is a name, that for me, is synonymous with the holiday season.  I can fondly remember being a kid and coming home to a hearty after-school snack of delicious cheeses and summer sausage from our Hickory Farms holiday gift box.  I can also remember the smiles and expressions of joy that were always ...

      Hallmark Holiday Gift Pack

      Make the Season Bright with Hallmark Recordable Books and Holiday Gifts

      There are some brands which just seem to signify the holidays, and in my opinion, Hallmark is one of them.  Each and every year, my family adds at least one new special ornament to our Christmas tree which represents something special that happened to us then.  Hallmark’s wide variety of Keepsake Ornaments always manages to ...

      Win 1 of 10 $20 Gift Cards and Give 30% Back to Charity

      By simply completing the entries in the Rafflecopter widget below,  10 winner(s) will be chosen to receive a $20  Cardraising promotional gift card.  Remember, 30% percent of every purchase goes to a school or charity of your choice!  You already plan on ordering holiday cards and what’s better than customizable cards that also give back?  Visit: for ...

      Dunkin' Donuts Coffee

      Conjure Up the Memories of Holidays’ Past with Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee

      Oh, how I love the holidays!  The cold, crisp air, fluttering snowflakes, holiday shopping, warm fires, crafts, cookies, Santa, trimming the tree…what’s not to love?  I’ve been lucky enough to have 36 years worth of amazing holiday memories and what’s funny is that a simple smell seems to bring most of them back to me ...

      Put American Made Gifts Under the Tree This Year With

      In this country, we’re all aware of the state of the economy and how jobs aren’t the easiest thing to find right now.  Some of the nation’s job shortages can be attributed to companies seeking cheaper labor from countries overseas.  But in order to keep and create plenty of well-paying jobs here at home, we ...

      Il Bere Wine Charms

      Magnetic Wine Charms from Il Bere Make the Perfect Holiday Gift

      During the holidays, we all like to enjoy the company of family and friends and make merry.  For many of us, that includes cracking open a bottle of our favorite vintage to share.  Of course, being able to identify which glass is yours can be difficult when they all look alike and that’s why wine ...

      ChapStick Seasonal Varieties

      Get Lips Mistletoe Ready with ChapStick Seasonal Varieties

      This holiday season, give the gift that will be on everyone’s lips…ChapStick limited edition holiday inspired varieties.  To keep winter lips looking happy and healthy ChapStick is debuting two new seasonal flavors including Apple Cider and decadent Chocolate Truffle.  Also, back by popular demand is the fresh minty taste of Candy Cane. Featuring a convenient gift ...

      iPad Case

      Papier de Maison Mixes the Old with the New in Their Decorative Collection of iPad and Kindle Cases

      Even though new technology, like the Kindle and iPad, puts convenience and speed at our fingertips, sometimes a simple pad of paper and a writing utensil work just as well…if not better! For instance, if I’m right in the middle of checking my email and I suddenly remember that I need milk from the grocery store, ...

      iMagnet Mount for iPad

      Skip the Cradle and Mount Your Gadgets Magnetically with iMagnet

      I’m so excited that this year, Christmas has come early to my house.  I am finally a proud iPad owner!  Couple that with my smartphone and I’m a tech geek to be reckoned with.   :geek:  There’s not an app I can’t download or task that I can’t accomplish now.  Of course, all of this technological ...

      Holiday Travel with Toothpaste 2 Go

      Ease Your Holiday Travel Headaches with Toothpaste 2 Go and Save Time and Money

      In the next few weeks, we’ll be entering into the craziest travel season of the year.  Did you know that there are roughly 10 million airline flights in the U.S. alone?  And a large percentage of that number comes from holiday travel.  Everyone wants to reconnect with family and friends around the holidays which means ...

      Cheeky Umbrella Polka Dots Classic Long

      End Your Search for the Best Umbrella at Cheeky Umbrella

      Most of the time, I’m bummed when the weather turns sour.  When it’s raining, my daughter can’t play outside, errands take a lot longer to run, thanks to more traffic and dangerous driving conditions, and of course, it’s harder to stay dry and comfy. When the rain begins to pour, I whip out my trusty umbrella ...

      Magnetic Ball Puzzle

      Secret Santa Gift Ideas – Magnetic Balls Puzzle

      Now that Halloween is behind us, the holiday gift giving season is officially underway.  Personally, I’m frantically trying to take care of my gift giving needs now because I hate waiting until the last minute.  One of the toughest gifts to shop for though, in my opinion, is a Secret Santa Gift. It’s not easy ...

      Gyft App

      Let the Gyft App Streamline Your Gift Cards Once and for All

      Gift cards:  I love them and I hate them!  Obviously, I love them because they’re basically cash, yet I can’t be tempted to pay bills with them, so they’re like a special shopping treat.  The thing I hate about gift cards though is that they are so darn bulky! My purse is crammed full with them ...

      Essie Nail Polish Colors

      Top 5 Essie Nail Polish Colors for Fall at H-E-B

      When I want to instantly add a touch of class to my overall appearance, I head straight for my fingernails!  Apparently, I’m not the only one who likes to do this either, for mani/pedi shops have popped up on almost every street corner seemingly overnight. Now when I paint my nails, I like to go bold ...

      Beauty Chic Facial Sauna

      How to Save a Bundle with Home Spa Treatments

      One of the things I enjoy more than anything else is a trip to my local nail salon.  When I was younger, I thought that a “shop ’til you drop” trip to the mall was definitely the bees’ knees, but now, nothing sounds sweeter than a little relaxation and pampering. Unfortunately, a trip to the salon ...

      Air Wick National Park Fall Collection

      Air Wick Scented Oil Brings the Best of Fall to Your Nostrils

      I’m so excited that my favorite season, fall, is right around the corner.  There are so many wonderful things to enjoy about fall: the crisp, clean air, gorgeous fall foliage, football games, hayrides, Halloween, baking goodies and enjoying the company of friends and family. I’ve found that the quickest (and easiest) way for me to get ...

      Quality Family Time with BrainBox USA

      3 Ways to Maximize Quality Family Time

      The high-tech world we live in can be extremely exciting and I love having so much knowledge and information literally at my fingertips.  Unfortunately, our newfound level of “connectedness” has actually made us more distant with each other in a lot of ways. I see this disconnect occurring on a daily basis with friends and family ...

      Top 10 Nail Polish Colors for Fall

      The Top 10 Nail Polish Colors for Fall

      Fall is rapidly approaching. Autumn trends are set already and we know that the jewel tones will be hailed this year as king! Autumn colors such as midnight blues, vampy purples, blood red burgundy’s, warm pumpkin nails and still going strong, the perfect nude taupe nail will be the must have “accessory” on all ...